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Astoria Piano Lessons offers a revolutionary way to learn piano. In just one week, you can have an expert teach your child or adult how music is made and what makes it so beautiful! With personalized lessons tailored for each student's needs whether they're at home in Astoria learning online from our tutorials on YouTube,"
Kevin Hull, Piano Teacher and Performer with decades of experience teaching across three continents. I've performed in many musical genres including solo piano performance; duo/trio jazz improvising on European classical music; electronic ambient synth writing for film scores as well as original sound installations using vintage synthesizers
At the Music School of New York, we offer a wide range of courses for all ages. From beginners to professionals - no matter your skill level or experience there are classes which will suit you perfectly! Our staff is dedicated to making sure that our students learn at their own pace while developing an appreciation and understanding music's vastness in both form & function
The joy of music can be found in any form, and with Piano Lessons NYC you'll find the perfect teacher for your child. Whether they are just starting out or have years of experience under their belt - we offer lessons tailored to fit every student! Our teachers love seeing new faces so don't hesitate before contacting us today
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 New York City

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A NYC piano studio with over a decade of experience, Clinton Hill Piano Studio offers lessons to all levels. Students can choose from our wide selection of upright and grand pianos as well as keyboards for those who prefer not playingtraditional instrumentation! We offer one on one instruction in both classical music theoryand popular styles including rock 'n roll
Kuba Cichocki Music NYC has the most experienced musicians in town! Every day, our violin instructors are teaching newcomers how to play their instrument. You'll learn from one of these experts who have been playing for many years--earning them a reputation as being among New York City's finest fiddlers and accordionists
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 New York City
Music To Your Home has a wide range of instructors who can teach your favorite instrument. Whether you're looking for piano lessons, voice coaching or guitar theory training - we've got it all! Music-to-Your Home is proud to provide top quality services in order perfect every student's craft so that they may become the best musician possible at whatever talent brings them joy and passion from learning new things
Piano lessons are not just for kids! Piano Lessons NYC by Eleonor England is the piano division of Singing Lessons NYC. If you're looking to learn how to play your favorite songs or sharpen up on some basics, this course will provide everything that's needed in order achieve success as an adult player."
A passionate and talented pianist, she has performed at music venues throughout the world. The Brooklyn-based soloist offers piano lessons for students who want to learn from a pro in their own neighborhood! She is also an excellent chamber musician - not only can you hear her playing on albums by artists like Beethoven or Chopin but when attending live performances
At "Lena Lins Piano Studio", NYC aspiring musicians can study with a world-renowned coach in an intimate atmosphere. A serious concentration of talent and quality instructors has made it one the most sought after piano studios on this side og town since its inception 20 years ago by Ms. Lena Lin herself!
At Nancy Piano NYC, we've got you covered. Our New York City piano teacher will teach your kids to play the instrument and help them develop their creativity by using music as an educational tool that can be used in so many ways! When it comes time for lessons, our staff members are ready with all sorts of resources: instruments from Steinway
If you're looking for piano lessons that will help improve your skills, look no further than Piano Lessons NYC by Ellie. With over 10 years in the industry and an expertise spanning many genres including but not limited to classical music education I am confident I can teach what it takes!
Since 2010, we've been teaching students with passion and integrity. Our classes are small (no more than five people at a time) to ensure that every student receives individual attention from our faculty members who teach on behalf of their love for what they do best - music making!
Pianist and author of The Art Of Practicing, Madeline Bruser teaches private piano lessons in her NYC studio as well as online. A master teacher with a comprehensive approach to practice and performance including eliminating excess physical effort by releasing mental tension so you can deepen connection
At Natalia Huang Piano Studio, we believe that learning a musical instrument should be an innovative and creative process. Our teachers specialize in providing piano lessons for all ages from 2 1/2 years old up to adult level! We also take pride on being able offer unique experiences around music performance as well as having fun with our students at every opportunity possible
Private piano lessons for the serious student who wants to learn how it's done. It might be a gift, but learning music can also lead you down an amazing path of self-discovery and creation! Private Teacher Sheldon Landa teaches on beautiful Steinway Baby Grand pianos in his apt downtown near Avenue B
At High Note Piano and Vocal Instruction NYC, students learn from the best instructors in a fun environment with hands on learning. At ?High Notes PIANO+VOCAL Studio New York City, we pursue excellence by focusing on your needs as an individual so you can achieve success at any level!
At manhattan piano lessons NYC, we offer a personalized approach to learning the art of music with both hands. We strive for excellence and love what we do! The instructor will guide you through your first song by patiently explaining how it's done step-by-step so that even someone who has never played an instrument before can master their own playing skills in no time at all...
Whether you are just starting out or want to perfect your skills, New York Piano Academy has something for every student. Whether it's theory lessons on how sound is made and what makes music work melodically; technique training in hand-eye coordination that will turn any beginner into an expert player of concertos by adulthood - we have got them all here!
Real brave is the best place for all your singing lessons. They have a wide range of instructors to teach you whatever it may be that interests or excites you! From guitar, piano and drumming classes they'll get any student on their feet in no time at all
At Adult Piano School, you'll be sure to find the right teacher for your needs. From beginners who want to learn how play songs by themselves or just improve their skills on an instrument they already love playing in order make it more advanced are all our students!
Kathryn Brickell Music offers quality private music lessons to students who reside near New York City. For over 30 years we have been helping those living on Long Island or within commuting distance of Midtown Manhattan develop an appreciation for the piano as well as learn
As a piano teacher, Marina has an approach that is unique to her. More than 30 years of teaching experience in Russia and Europe have allowed for the development of different methods which are all proven effective with beginner pianists as well as advanced players looking for new challenges!
New York Piano Academy is an academy of piano enthusiasts, dedicated to providing students with all the necessary tools they need for success. Whether you're just starting out or are looking forward to becoming one of America's best pianists; our faculty can help get your music-making dreams off on the right foot!
Our mission is to provide a fun and supportive environment for all students. We focus on the development of musical skills, encouraging creativity in individual lessons as well as group settings so that you can have meaningful experiences with your teachers! The Piano Studio offers high quality private or group lessons based upon our belief that music should be an enjoyable journey rather than something tedious which must be done
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 New York City
Allegria Piano's highly personalized curriculum is tailored to student age, learning style and goals. This ensures that we keep our students fully engaged in a fun, relaxed atmosphere where they are able learn at their own pace without being pushed or pulled from one lesson plan onto another
Founded in 1985, Kathryn Brickell Music offers quality private music lessons to students who reside near New York City. For over 30 years we have been helping those living on Long Island or within commuting distance of Midtown Manhattan develop an appreciation for the piano as well as learn
Meng Yang has been playing piano for over six years and is an award-winning artist. She offers high quality private lessons in the Manhattan area, reaching beginner to advanced levels with her personalized instruction style that caters both kids as well adults alike!
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 New York City
Octopus Music School is the best choice for all your music lessons in Hillsborough, North Brunswick and South Plainfield. You'll learn guitar from an expert teacher who knows their stuff - just like they teach piano! All levels are available with private or group classes at our amazing school so no matter what skill level you're on right now
At the piano school in New York City, we're committed to providing our students with a top-notch education. Our teachers have decades of experience and were specially trained on how best teach these instruments so they can reach their full potential! Our instructors are passionate about music - both playing an listening
For over 18 years, our piano teachers have been passing on their love for music. We are a team of dedicated individuals who take pride in providing high-quality lessons tailored to your needs and learning style that will leave you feeling confident with musical skills well beyond what might be expected at first glance!
Kathryn Brickell Music offers quality private music lessons to students who reside near New York City. For over 30 years we have been helping those living on Long Island or within commuting distance of Midtown Manhattan develop an appreciation for the piano as well as learn
Mid Town Piano Lessons offers a wide range of piano classes for all skill levels. From beginning, intermediate and advanced students we can help you reach your goals in music theory or sight-reading with our expert instructors that will be sure not only find an instrument but also teach it well!
Suzanne has been teaching piano for over 18 years and she can't get enough of it. Every day is a new experience in the classroom, where every student brings their own style to learn from her nourishing care that will make them want more lessons with this amazing music teacher!
West Village Piano Lessons has a piano teacher for every level and age group. The company offers classical music, jazz repertory, latin & flamenco styles of teaching with lessons catering to beginners as well advanced students at any skill level! You can also enroll in their college preparatory course which covers all key topics needed by high school seniors preparing ahead oftime