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List of the Top Auction House in New York City

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Guernsey's is an auction house that has built a reputation over the course of four decades by presenting to their customers items from some of the most extraordinary properties. For example, Guernsey's sold $3 million worth of McGwire baseballs in 1996 and more recently they have been able to bring many personalities like Elvis Presley back into people’s minds with his very own Graceland archives being up for sale.
Antiquorum is one of the world's leading auction houses. They have locations in Geneva, London and the New York City to handle sales for the modern watches as well as the vintage timepieces from the decades past that are becoming more popular than ever before
For over a decade, Nazmiyal Auctions has been the go-to place for collectors of fine and rare vintage carpets. Whether you're looking to purchase new designs or replace an old rug that needs restoring we have what your heart desires! Since 2002 when this family owned business first opened its doors there's never been anything but 100% satisfaction guaranteed on every item offered atNazmiyalosalesroom
Time & Again buys entire properties, whether it be a home or business. We offer buyouts and require no money up front in order for our clients' items to make their way from San Diego's East County coast back into California soil where they belong!

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Hayloft Auctions sells one-of-a kind, affordable home furnishings and antiques. Now they're selling vintage apparel, jewelry and accessories too! They can't wait to show you their selection of items from all over the world that are guaranteed not to disappoint.
We are licensed, bonded and insured to conduct auctions throughout New England. We have over 30 years of experience in the business world so you can rest assured that your purchase will be handled with care from start to finish! Atlas Auctioneers is committed not only to making sure our buyers receive an excellent product but also providing sellers top notch customer service as well
For over the 30 years, Poster Auctions International have been in business of selling vintage posters. The auction house offers three annual auctions for rare and collectible artwork that span across five continents to provide the customers with an opportunity they won't find anywhere else!
Wichita Auctioneers is the premier antiques and fine art auction house that offers only top-of-the line items to their clients. They have been in operation since 1868, making them not just a Wichita institution but also one of America's oldest such businesses still around today!
Heritage Auctions is the largest and most established auction house in the world, boasting a vast array of collectibles from different categories. We are proud to be both professional business people with an uncanny eye for quality items as well as home-grown citizens, founded on American soil since 1976.
At Cricket Hill Auctioneers, we're liquidating in bulk. We've got all sorts of stuff for your home and business needs! The team over at the New York City office will be glad to get you started on what kind of items would work best with how much space or budget that you have available
The auction house of Renard has a rigorous and dedicated team that specializes in art, antiques or luxury goods. They work tirelessly to source collectibles from anywhere around the world for their clients who are looking for something truly special. The pace is fast-paced as you navigate your way through this exciting website with an incredible inventory selection at prices everyone can afford!
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 New York City
The Hunt NYC is a boutique that houses an eclectic array of items from jewelry to furniture and everything in between. Located on the lower east side, The Hunt offers one-of-a kind design pieces for those looking for something less traditional.
Keno nyc is the perfect place to play Keno. We offer a wide variety of games and prizes which means you'll always have something new on your list! Our friendly staff are here for any questions that come up during gameplay, so try not worry too much about it all - just let them know if there's anything they can do better or help with in general
Robert A Siegel Auction Galleries is one of North America's premier stamp auctions, and it offers absentee bidding at bid.siegelecctions..com! If you want to buy rare stamps then this website will provide all your needs; just give them a try for yourself today with live or absentee bids on everything they have in store
Phillips is one of the world's most famous auction houses. They are known for their high-quality, contemporary art auctions that bring in millions each year. Phillips is a British company and they have been around since 1796! The specialize in modern and contemporary art to create an exciting environment where you can buy some amazing pieces at great prices.
Local Restaurant Equipment Auctions NYC is the premier auction house for commercial and industrial liquidations in New York. With many years of experience we have easily become one of best-rated companies in this field, specializing exclusively with auctions consisting primarily on new kitchen equipment or supplies such as refrigerators - freezers; ranges hoods mixers microwave ovens to name just a few!
Showplace Antique + Design Center is the premier destination for decorative arts and antiques. We have provided our customers a unique shopping experience from our 4-story Manhattan location since 1993, housing approximately 200 dealers in all manner of vintage furniture or collectibles like fashion to fine art!
Christie's is a buyer’s paradise for art enthusiasts and collectors. For ten days every year the company opens their doors to everyone who wishes to enter, in order to allow them an opportunity at viewing some of the world’s most valuable pieces from various famous artists on display. If you are someone looking for inspiration or just want something new hanging around your own home, Christie's has got what you need!
Established in 1744, Sotheby’s is the world's leading marketplace for art and luxury. We empower our international community of collectors to discover, acquire, finance and consign fine art through a network spanning 40 countries across 44 departments that include Contemporary Art (including Pop)
Mannion Auctions, LLC is New York City's premiere auctioneer and they have conducted more than ten thousand UCC sales over the course of their 45 year history as a business. They specialize in Co-Op Apartment sales (and other apartment types), Mezzanine Defaults & Membership Interests which are all considered 'commercially reasonable' for auctions nationwide.

Skinner Auctioneers & Appraisers

Service Focus
39% Defensible
37% Supportable
2% Opinion Of Value
22% Other
Service Focus
39% Defensible
37% Supportable
2% Opinion Of Value
22% Other
Skinner is a world-class provider of auction and appraisal services for fine arts, antiques jewelry. They have an impeccable reputation as one the best in their industry because they always attract top quality items with beautiful styles that are difficult or impossible to find anywhere else!
We are a full service liquidation company that handles everything from small jobs like taking care of your deceased parent's belongings after they passed away to handling large estates with tens or even hundreds of thousands worth dollars' worth of items inside them! We have been doing this since 1890 so you know it will be done right when you hire us.
Hidden, romantic and upscale. This is The Auction House; a diamond in the rough when it comes to Upper East Side bars! With red velvet drapes, mahogany bar, gorgeous paintings and intimate tables this lounge has been a neighborhood favorite for over twenty years. So next time you're on the Upper East Side be sure to uncover its hidden charm at The Auction House
Michael Amodeo & Co., Inc. Auctioneers is the leading company in our industry, with over 50 years of professional service to provide buyers and sellers top-of-the line auctioneer services! Michael A MODEOO , inc . Auctioneers has been providing world class auctions on everything from cars (and other vehicles) all way back when they were just painted metal surfaces
The world's leading auctioneer of Stamps, Coins, Banknotes and Shares Spink is the name you need to know if that stamp or share certificate collection has been sitting in your attic for years. They've got everything from wine bottles with autographs on them all up through rare books written by famous authors like Jane Austen!
In my role as Chairman of Doyle, I am privileged to be part of a company with a worldwide reputation for expertise and integrity. With our professional staff ready to guide clients through the appraisal process, knowledgeable collectors know they can trust us when it comes time to consign their property.
Auctioneers in New York City are always on the go, and auction day can be no exception. Whether they're at an actual sale or just helping out a friend with their inventory for when it comes time to close out of storage, A1 Mountain Auctioneers employees will do what needs done without hesitation!
Morrell Wine Auctions is the perfect place to find that hard-to-find vintage or rare wine you're searching for. There are over 1,000 wines in our online catalog and if we don't have what your after just ask! We'll Special Order It For You - guaranteed satisfaction every time
The Swann Auction Galleries is hosting a variety of auctions this fall, including printed and manuscript Americana. On September 30th Nigel Freeman from Director of African American Art will be in attendance to discuss these items with bidders live via remote viewing through the internet!