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List of the Top Agricultural Service in New York City

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Gotham Greens is on a mission to transform how and where fresh produce is grown. We're the only company in America that grows leafy greens, herbs, salad dressings and pesto dips year-round indoors with local high tech farms! With our five state network of greenhouses we deliver delicious food all over the U.S.
The United States Department of Agriculture is a federal executive department that strives to meet the needs of farmers and ranchers, promote agricultural trade and production, work towards food safety standards while protecting natural resources for future use. The USDA also aims to end hunger domestically as well as abroad by providing assistance in rural communities where there are inadequate means available.
Heritage Farm is a hub of equestrian training for riders in any level, from short stirrup to International Grand Prix. The track has been ranked as one of the top ten largest outdoor arenas by Equus magazine and offers unprecedented views overlooking Manhattan's skyline with majestic white stallions that are groomed every day by skilled staff members.
The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is committed to providing safe and nutritious food, conserving natural resources that are important for farming operations, supporting sustainable agriculture practices, revitalizing rural communities through education programs and other initiatives.

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USA Farm Fresh is a produce distribution company that specializes in sourcing and distributing fresh fruits and vegetables from some of the best farms on the west coast. USA Farm Fresh has been operating for over seven years, working with growers to bring their products into 150 supermarkets across New York City as well as other wholesale distributors.
If you want to live a more sustainable lifestyle, then Brooklyn Grange is the place for you. We farm rooftops and build green spaces here at our own organic farms in order help promote local ecology through food donations as well educational outreach programs that teach children about sustainability from an early age!
The Queens County Farm Museum is a 47-acre working farm dating back to 1697. The site includes a landmark farmhouse, glass greenhouse and restored barns which provide us with an overview of our agrarian past. Its rich glacial soil has been continuously cultivated using sustainable practices, providing New Yorkers the freshest food today!
Chatsworth Farm & Garden is your one stop shop for all of your farm and garden needs with over 26 years experience in the business. They stock Stihl products, Toro lawnmowers, feed and animal health supplies as well as a wide range of fencing options to keep you secure on the property.
Added Value is more than just a non-profit organization, they are the driving force behind Red Hook's sustainable development. They nurture their youth by teaching them about leadership and sustainability so that future generations will have what it takes to carry on Red Hook's legacy of compassion.
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 New York City
At the Green Meadows Petting Farm in Brooklyn you can have a hands-on experience touching all of our animals! From cows to goats, sheep and even ponies. The farm has been around since 1978 with over 100 acres for your enjoyment. There are also pony rides available on weekends and holidays from 12pm - 4 pm
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 New York City
The Department of Agriculture and Markets has a challenging mission to ensure that food production is competitive for farmers. The department also aims to protect consumers by regulating the industry with strict safety standards, providing education on nutritious eating habits as well as how food impacts climate change, among other initiatives.
Red Hook Initiative (RHI) is a Brooklyn-based nonprofit organization that strives to empower youth and provide them with the tools they need in order for social change. With everything from after school programs, summer camps, life skills workshops and more; RHI's goal is straightforward: empowering one community at a time through education.
Green Meadows Farm in Queens NY has moved to Brooklyn, and you won't want to miss it! Come visit our friendly farm animals all year long. We're always having special seasonal events so come see what we have planned for this season too - maybe even get your Christmas shopping done at one of them?
Bushwick City Farm (BCF), located on Stockton Street since 2011 has been beneficial to residents living nearby with its' provision of free organic eggs every week year round; seasonal harvesting provide fresh fruits and vegetables throughout the city's dense population where there are few other ways available - until it received notice that they
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 New York City
We'll help you find a farm that's perfect for your restaurant. #1, sign up with our company (easy!) and we'll send someone to inspect the site of farms in close proximity. #2, take care of them all year long from seedling phase through harvest season- they're designed just for restaurants like yours!
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 New York City
Edgemere Farm is a once-abandoned city lot that has been transformed into an oasis of natural resources. The farm provides access to organic vegetables, flowers and herbs for residents in Far Rockaway who are rebuilding their lives one day at a time; it also houses chickens, bees and many varieties of pollinators as they work together to create life on the formerly barren land.
In December 2008, Tyler Kupper and Brian Millman saw a New York City resident struggling with dragging an oak tree from the intersection. It was clear they were not happy to have just spent hours or days in such cold weather moving it home for Christmas decorating.