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Dr. Ronald Vandernoord, MD is a physical medicine & rehabilitation pain specialist in Matthews NC – specializing in treating spine and back problems with chiropractic methods as well other types of treatment such MRT (medically retired therapists). He completed his residency at Indiana University School Of Medicine where he served on their faculty.

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Dr. Angela K. Louie is a psychiatrist from Sioux Falls, South Dakota who received her medical degree at the University of South Dakota School of Medicine and then went on to complete residency training in psychiatry at St Vincent’s Hospital located in New York City before settling down permanently here with family members! She has been practicing medicine since 2003.

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Neal S. Taub, MD is the director of addiction and behavioral health at St Francis Hospital in Charlotte NC where he oversees medical treatments for addiction as well as pain medicine. He recognized that there was a need within this area to address both physical aspects involved with substance abuse/addiction along with quality counseling services.

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Centers of Psychiatric Excellence offers a variety of services to help psychiatric treatment centers run more efficiently. The company provides administrative and advisory support for independent clinic owners in their regions, who typically have highly specialized cases like depression or anxiety disorder treatments on hand which can be difficult without assistance from an expert team.”

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Dr. Sameer Vemuri is a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialist who has over 22 years experience in the medical field! He can help you with your physical needs, from diagnosis to treatment recommendations for moving forward- it’s all up stairs at his clinic on Davidson Street near Eastway Shopping Center (insert commercial here).

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I’ve been seeing Dr. Welshoffer for over 20 years now and he has always treated me like family, never making me feel uncomfortable or embarrassed about my condition. He’s made sure that the staff are aware of everything I need done which means they can be helpful too with any questions or concerns along the way!

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The Johns Hopkins Pain Management Clinic has been a trusted provider of compassionate, quality care for over 40 years. In this time period they have grown from an outpatient facility to one that houses 44 board-certified or eligible physicians in the specialty areas neurosurgery, physiatry (physical medicine & rehabilitation), orthopedics spine surgery and pain management with advanced surgical treatment available on behalf including brain tumors.

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Expert Answers To Common Questions:

  1. Questions to ask a physiatrist
  2. What does a physiatrist treat?
  3. What is the difference between a physiatrist and an orthopedist?
  4. Is a physiatrist a surgeon?
  5. What does a physiatrist do?
Questions to ask a physiatrist

Here are some questions you can ask a physiatrist;
● How experienced are you?
● Do you commonly treat my condition?
● What are the treatment options for me? And which is the best?
● Will I be needing surgery?
● What are my alternatives?
● What are the risks associated with my treatment?
● What is the success rate of this treatment or procedure?

What does a physiatrist treat?

The primary job of a physiatrist is to treat conditions of the bones, muscles, joints, and central/peripheral nervous system that affect a person’s ability to function. Any kind of disease or problem associated with any of the above are the specialties of a physiatrist and they are capable of treating such conditions.

What is the difference between a physiatrist and an orthopedist?

Both medical professionals are known to treat the same conditions related to the musculoskeletal system in the body, however, one can perform surgery while the other cannot. An orthopedist is capable and qualified to perform surgeries but a physiatrist cannot do that as it is not part of their specialization.

Is a physiatrist a surgeon?

While they can be able to rightly diagnose and then come up with suitable treatment protocols or procedures for patients, physiatrists cannot perform surgery of any kind. They are more specialized in the physical aspect and have almost no business with surgery.

What does a physiatrist do?

A physiatrist is a medical doctor who diagnoses and treats pain from illnesses or injuries or medical conditions using physical means such as physical therapy and medicine. They are professionals who help patients diagnose their illnesses, determine treatment procedures, and also prescribe medications.