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LAST UPDATED 19 Apr, 2024
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List of the Top Day Care Center in Charlotte

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At Bright Stars, we take a playful and creative approach to teaching kids. We provide age-appropriate activities that help your child develop their imagination while also building up skills like concentration or language development in an environment with lots of space for playing freely at their own pace! You can be confident knowing that our center is safe as well.
Kidz Are Fun operates pre-school, NC Pre-Kindergarten and after school programs. Our Vision is to offer exceptional care for your children in a loving environment with certified educators onsite 24/7! Just like you want them treated by teachers who are passionate about their work every day so do we.
Pure Genius Childcare believes that every child has the potential to be a genius. They work hard at making sure all of their students are given an environment which stimulates creativity and curiosity while also allowing for intellectual growth, socialization skills development, emotional stability etc.. This way children can explore how they learn best.
Giggles is a child care and day spa located in the beautiful Ballantyne Village of South Charlotte, NC. We offer drop-in childcare services to go along with our after school program that will keep your kids happy while giving parents some free time for themselves! With us providing safe fun environments so children can be creative.

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The University Child Development Center program exists to encourage and support each child in growing, just as a human being should. We do this by providing them with an environment rich of social interactions that help build up their emotional wellbeing or intellect if you will; we want every kid who is enrolled here - no matter what age-to know they're worthwhile.
Beginning Years Daycare know that you want your little one(s) to be well cared for and taught what is important! Our goal as educators is not only about imparting knowledge; rather it goes deeper than that - infusing our children with understanding through educationally enriched environment which nurtures them into confident adults capable enough take on life challenges head-on by learning how they work together now.
The Learning Experience Charlotte is an incredible company that helps make life easier for homeowners. They have helped me with my lawn care and home maintenance needs, including but not limited to: cut grasses down so they don't grow past 6 inches high; thin out weeds in flower beds by cutting them back hard enough where only the "mother" plant will re-populate.
ChildcareCenter.us is the go-to website for parents looking to find childcare in their area! We offer over 250,000 listings of family friendly centers across America with qualified providers who will give your child top notch care while giving you peace of mind that they are safe and well taken care off at all times during drop off or pick up time.
Charlotte CDC, a non-profit organization founded in June of 2010 and opening October 5th of that same year. After decades as Directing corporate childcare centers I decided to create my own company where we have served more than 1,000 children with their families since then; 10 years later--we're still going strong!