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List of the Top Bail Bonds Service in Detroit

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At Big Rob's Bail Bonds we care and will help you through the bonding process effectively in Wayne, Macomb and Oakland Counties. We are honest and reliable Detroit bail bonds company devoted to our clients prompt release from jail. We service the tri-county area with every type of bond and at every level.
At Freedom Bail Bonds II, we offer knowledgeable and efficient bail bond services to our customers throughout Macomb, Oakland & Wayne Counties. With 30 years of experience in the industry under out belt, you can be sure that no matter what happens during your legal proceedings with us on your side!
At THE Bail Bond Agency, we believe that everyone should be able to enjoy their freedom without the worry of being bonded. That is why our company offers Release Programs for those who are too poor or cannot afford it otherwise - giving them back what belongs rightfully on your hands!

Frequently Asked Questions About Bail Bonds Service

Here are some questions you can ask a bail bondsman;
• Can you provide help in my location?
• Are you licensed?
• Are you a member of the Better Business Bureau?
• How much will you charge for your services?
• How quickly can you get me out of jail?
• What happens when I get out?
• What size of bail bond do you provide?
• Is there anything I need to know during the whole process?

The payment is usually on a percentage basis and the common percentage is 10% to purchase the bond. However, the percentage usually ranges from 10-15% while considering several factors one of which is the experience and the kind of bail bondsman or bail bond service Company. In a case where you are looking to purchase a bond of $25000, the amount to be paid will take from $2500 to $3750 depending on the percentage charge by the company.

The cost of posting a bond of $5000 is usually 10% of the full bail amount which is $5000. As a result, you can expect the cost to be $500. The cost paid to the bail bondsman can however vary based on the percentage agreed by the company

In the case where the accused doesn’t show up in court as they are supposed to, the bail bonds service company or bail bondsman is mandated to apprehend the accused and bring them to court. As part of the agreement of a bail bond, the client or accused person has to show up in court. The bail bondsman posts a surety bond that acts as insurance that the client will show up in court. If the accused person is nowhere to be found, the bail bonds service company will have to pay the full bail amount and then take whatever property is used as collateral by the client.

A bail bond service is a service offered by a company to help individuals who have been charged with criminal offenses to live outside legally while they await their trial. These companies act as a surety and place money or property as bail for the appearance of the charged person in court. When an accused person cannot pay the full bail amount, they can look to Bail bond companies to help them.

When you need a second chance, I'm here for ya! 2nd Chance Bail Bonds is an individually owned and operated company. We don't just do one thing; we offer many services to help people in their time of need--no matter what the crime may be or how old they might seem (we've helped kids too)!

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Detroit Bail Bonds is the only company you need to contact when your loved one needs a court ordered bond. Our professional staff will take care of all aspects, from beginning through end - they're trained professionals that want nothing more than for our clients get back home safely as soon as possible - after dealing with them in jail because it's not right!
At A-1 Bail Bonds, you don't even need to visit an office! Our agents are on call 24/7 and will be dispatched right at the jail. So no matter what time it is or where in Michigan you're located, we'll come straight to meet with you. We want your experience as smooth and easy as possible starting from bail bond shopping all the way through until release.
Goldfarb Bonding Agency is a highly trusted bail bond service in the Metro Detroit area. When you or someone close to you needs help out of jail, our loyal and professional bondsman will provide consistent access without delay. Whether it's 24/7 on weekdays or weekends, we're here when people need us most."
At Freedom Bail Bonds II, we offer knowledgeable and efficient bail bond services to our customers throughout Macomb, Oakland & Wayne Counties. With 30 years of experience in the industry under out belt, you can be sure that no matter what happens during your legal proceedings with us on your side!
Detroit Bail Bonds is committed to providing customer service of the highest quality. We know that you have a right to bail and we want your family or loved ones get out of jail, in most cases quickly with little hassle from us! Our staff will be there for any questions along this difficult journey as well
Always Quick is a family owned and operated Harper Woods, Michigan bail bonding agency is always quick to deliver friendly services. We offer rehabilitation programs, misdemeanor bonds and counseling throughout the Ingham County Jail system of Livingston County jails such as Macomb County (including Oakland), St. Clair City jail, Wayne county jail including Washtenaw Counties
The Bail Bonds National team is ready to provide the highest quality services in any case. We make sure that you are not alone during this difficult time, and as always our goal is just give people what they need without hassle so all they have left do now enjoy their lives again!
TurnKey Bail Bonds is committed to providing reliable bail bond services for individuals who have been accused of a crime. We can also connect our clients with the right people, like an experienced criminal defense attorney or investigator that will help them fight their legal battles!
Banks Bail Bonds has been providing professional and available customer service since 1968. We understand that an arrest can result in great stress, which is why we are committed to taking the extra steps for our customers who need assistance with their bail bonds requirements!
At Smith Bonds & Surety, we specialize in all court ordered bonds, including bail bonds, guardianship, conservator, probate, construction, bid bonds, employee dishonesty, E&O, Notary