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List of the Top Customs Broker in Boston

BOC provides logistics solutions that reach all areas of the supply chain. Our BOC team helps our customers shorten delivery times, reduce needless inventory and increase visibility for orders as well as driving down costs throughout their entire distribution network with a single touch point – making them more efficient than ever before!

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The company is one of the few remaining customs brokers and freight forwarders that can execute all aspects of international shipping. With a solid foundation in this trade, International Specialist has been able to establish themselves as an efficient company with competitive pricing while offering prompt personal service for those who need it most!

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JF Moran has been family owned and operated since 1937. Today, as a nationally certified women-owned business with sisters Betty Robson and Victoria Black at the helm we believe in treating our employees like part of our collective family while extending this philosophy to client relationships across all regions around America where world class service is offered under one roof!

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YAMATO is a company that has been in operation for more than 100 years. With an employee count over 7,000 people and spread across 200+ locations worldwide it’s clear they know how to make things happen efficiently without sacrificing quality!

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OCEANAIR has grown to become one of the region?? largest independent freight forwarder and customs brokers through our commitment towards providing exceptional customer service. With over 20 years in business, we will handle your logistics operation professionally with care!

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Expert Answers To Common Questions:

  1. Questions to ask a customs broker?
  2. How to choose a customs broker?
  3. Why do you need a customs broker?
  4. How much do custom brokers charge?
  5. What does a customs broker do?
Questions to ask a customs broker?

Here are some questions you can ask your customs broker;
● What is your track record?
● Do you have any pending lawsuits or violations?
● How will you help my company ensure proper compliance with Customs regulations?
● Are you able to provide services for importing and exporting?
● Can you provide me with information on whether or not my goods can enter duty-free?
● Will you assist with corrections, duty drawbacks to customs entries?
● Will you be arranging transportation for my goods?
● How much do you cost?

How to choose a customs broker?

Make sure you draw up a list of potential customs brokers to work with after you must’ve conducted research. The first thing you’ll need to consider is experience and not just that, it has to be a valuable experience in your industry or the type of products you’re dealing with. Also, you’ll want someone who has positive references and has worked well with previous clients. The customs broker should also be licensed and approved and this should be something you should look at when considering hiring a customs broker. If you’re working with a large number of goods, it will also be important if your customs broker can work with such a large volume. After all this, you can then look at fees and select your most preferred professional.

Why do you need a customs broker?

If you’re an individual who is not familiar with the proper terminology or procedures in importing, then you might need to consider hiring a customs broker to help you safely importing your goods. It’s not like it’s not a process you cannot do yourself or something required by law, but with customs brokers, you can simply have the whole process done without any delays. They ensure that your import papers or documents are filed correctly and penalties are avoided. Many successful importers make use of customs brokers.

How much do custom brokers charge?

The cost of hiring a customs broker usually ranges between $35 to $150 depending on what the customs broker will be doing for you. This fee range does not include other charges that might need to be paid such as a clearance charge, which could rise to even more hundred dollars.

What does a customs broker do?

A customs broker is a professional who helps importers and exporters to meet Federal requirements regarding imports and exports. They can either be a private individual or an association or corporation and they simply work for clients to meet required guidelines. Custom brokers usually submit the necessary information and required payments to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) on behalf of their clients. They must be experienced and knowledgeable about several things, some of which include entry procedures, admissibility requirements, classification, and valuation.