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Top Clothing Alteration Service in Boston - 2024

LAST UPDATED 20 Jun, 2024
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List of the Top Clothing Alteration Service in Boston

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Gabary House of Alterations is a tailor in Cambridge that will take your suit from an ordinary man to the finest, most elegant wear imaginable. They have features which set them apart from other tailors around town like their customer care and quality workmanship - not just for suits but also shirts and dresses alike!
Newbury Tailoring Co. - Boston?? Best Tailors Serving the Back Bay Area with Fine Fittings for All! Bring your suit, dress or outfit to Newbury's finest tailor shop and get it fitted by a professional who knows how important getting measurements right can be in ensuring that you look great on top of owning an incredible bodily asset.
The JDLS Couture tailor shop has been around for more than 30 years, and they're known as a place that can create great quality custom made clothing such as wedding gowns. They do all sorts of different alterations too!
Gregory?? Fine Tailoring has been serving the needs of shoppers since 1978. We tailor clothing and make alterations like bridal dresses, suits or shirts with expert skills that you can rely on your wardrobe to look perfect for any occasion!

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Sordillo's has been a family-owned and operated Italian inspired menswear store for over 50 years. With an extraordinary passion to provide custom clothing, they are the only place you should go if your dress shirt isn't fitted just right!
The Neiman Marcus TUMI??difference is like no other. With innovative designs and exclusive products, we have what you need to make your life easier - whether it be a luxurious handbag or an excellent backpack that will hold everything in its place
Kim?? Fashion Design offers an extensive range of services for those looking to make their clothing not only look, but feel like it was made just for them. From alterations and custom design projects all the way up through master tailoring jobs; Kim has you covered with expertise that spans decades in this industry!
When it comes to clothing, size really does matter. This couldn't be truer for Sam's Alteration shop & Dry Cleaning - with a team of experienced tailors on hand and plenty more fabric than your average dry cleaner can handle; we're the best option if you need something altered or cleaned up in Brighton!
Yelena V. Tailoring and Alterations specializes in cloth-making for children, men, women prom dresses wedding gowns as well as curtains design & making sofas pillows repair! At Yelena's tailor shop you can find anything to make your wardrobe or alterations needs more complete including custom made clothing tailored specifically around what is needed at this time with an eye on style while also ensuring comfortability throughout use.
Zipper Hospital is a full service shop that offers zipper repairs and replacements on challenging items like luggage, backpacks, suits. We will also work to keep your favorite articles of clothing looking their best by altering or repairing them as needed!
One of the best investments you can make is in your wardrobe. When it comes time for a change, replace or alter those old clothes that are no longer fashionable with new ones from Couture Tailor??e have an assortment of tailors ready to help maintain that sleek style!
Keezer's & Le Couturier is your one-stop shop for all formal wear needs. You'll find everything from shirts and jackets to pants or bow ties here, at prices that won't break the bank! Not only do we offer amazing deals on name brand outfits but also alterations to suit any occasion - including weddings of course (we're experts after all). Stop by today if you need anything.
The Ayda Custom Tailoring team is a group of masterful tailors who will expertly alter any garment for you. They can also offer more complex alterations like redesigning or repairing clothes! Bring in your close and they'll give advice on repairs that are perfect fit with style points too - it's all part of their personalized service at this store where customer satisfaction comes first every time,
With a tailor in Union Square, you can get your suit or dress altered to better fit the way that suits you. As an efficient and fast service we offer alterations on-site at our store for all types of clothing: men's shirts & ties; women?? blouses and skirts among others!