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List of the Top Body Piercing Shop in Boston

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Arcadia Professional Body Piercing in the heart of Boston is a one stop shop for all your piercing needs. A perfect place to get that bucket list item or just some everyday jewelry, Arcadians pierce with care and attention making sure you're always happy when we've finished!
A Family Owned Business Since 1997 The 'Body Piercer' specializes in More Than Just Piercing; It's About Creating A Personal Connection With Every Client Through Experiences Such As Wall Art & Custom Designs - So You Can Have That Special Touch Even If There Is No piercing On Your Body!
At Brilliance, we endeavor to provide exceptional work for all people regardless of body type or skin tone. Our goal is that you will be happy with your experience here and thrive in the company atmosphere which fosters respect between employees as they pursue their best creative process while also balancing personal life!

Frequently Asked Questions About Body Piercing Shop

You should look out for hygiene and cleanliness where you’re in search of a body piercing shop. It is a good sign that you’re probably going to be attended to with safe procedures and they’ll also put hygiene first when giving you a piercing. Also, check that they’re licensed and they’ve got a certification. There are different certifications and you can ask if they are APP-certified or if they also have a Bloodborne Pathogen Certification and/or a First Aid/CPR Certification. Experience will also matter as it lets you know you’re working with a professional who knows what they are doing. Just seeing that the body piercing shop is clean and nice is not enough to suggest they’re going to give you the best possible safe service. Consider checking if they have an autoclave for sterilization of their tools. Lastly, ask for a fee and book an appointment.

The cost of piercings at a body piercing shop usually varies depending on the type of piercing you want to get. There are different types of places where you can get piercings and the most common ones are the nose, ear, lip, eyebrow, navel, tongue, and daith. The prices for all these kinds of piercings differ and they range from about $30 to $60 generally. Most body piercing shops also give you a list of prices for pieces of jewelry and the fees usually start from around $30 and could go higher up depending on what you want.

Though there is no scientific evidence to back the claim, some people believe that daith piercing helps with anxiety. A Daith piercing is located at the innermost fold of the ear and it is believed that it can help deal with anxiety-related migraines. This type of piercing targets the vagus nerve, a long nerve extending from the bottom of the brain to the rest of the body, through pressure points in the ear believed to deal with headaches.

First and foremost is to understand the risks associated with piercings. Usually, piercings come with risks and it is very important to understand these things before putting yourself in that situation. Choosing a professional place can also help you in reducing your chances of getting exposed to one of those risks. Asides from knowing the risks, you also have to be sure about the place you want to get your piercings. Make sure they are professionals and can do the work well while making sure you’re not exposed to any risks or any problems. Next up is hygiene and lifestyle. Some piercings need more care than others and as such you need to take not of them. Not only for you but it is important that that the piercing shop also has good hygiene. It’s only normal that you’ll have to make some changes when you have gotten some particular kind of piercings. Some will require you to be more careful with certain activities, while others will just make you not be able to do some things again or at least enjoy them.

Just like the name implies, a body piercing shop is a place where individuals who would like to get a piercing can get it done for a fee. Piercings are body modifications made to selected parts of the body by puncturing or piercing that part of the body and having jewelry worn or inserted. At a body piercing shop, they put in place and go about the piercings by using some precautions aimed at helping both the piercer and the person who wants to be pierced.

Boston Ink is known for their high-quality work and customer satisfaction. They have a wide range of styles, from simple to more complex designs that will suit any tastes or budgets with ease. From large pieces like sleeves to small tattoos on your wrist - Boston Inks has you covered!

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Ghost in the Machine Tattoo is a tattoo studio that provides you with high quality tattoos. With over 100 years of combined experience and proficiency across many styles, we're more than capable of fulfilling all your needs as well as those from other artists looking to be inspired by our work!
Stingingray Body Art is the place for all your tattoo and piercing needs. We have some of New England's finest custom artists, as well as beauty services such as microblading or other cosmetic work in a clean lab with plenty of space!
Arcadia Professional Body Piercing in the heart of Boston is a one stop shop for all your piercing needs. A perfect place to get that bucket list item or just some everyday jewelry, Arcadians pierce with care and attention making sure you're always happy when we've finished!
Ma-Zel Custom Tattoo and Piercing is Everett's hottest studio for tattoos, piercings. We do custom designs in all colors of the wind with our friendly artists who have years experience creating art on your body! Stop by today to see what we can create together--we are sure you won't regret it.
TummyToys has the only patented snap-shut belly ring clasp on the market. The pain of using traditional screw on body jewelry is gone with our patent pending design, which provides comfort and durability for every navel piercing enthusiast out there! We carry hundreds of different styles in all metal options including gold, silver steel/platinum.
Body Xtremes has over 30 years experience behind each piercing. All of our piercers are First Aid & CPR trained, as well as schooled in OSHA's Bloodborne Pathogens & Needlestick procedures. They have all also completed a course in Anatomy and Physiology!
Chromatic Tattoo and Body Piercing has been proudly providing cutting-edge tattooing for over 20 years in Medford, MA. The city's only full service shop runs by experienced artists with an uncompromising dedication to quality workmanship that will be sure leave your heart racing every time!
The Boston Tattoo Company has been giving its loyal clients tattoos and piercings that last a lifetime since 2004. With over 12 artists, several piercers to choose from, we would love you come into one of our premier studio locations!
During the last decade, The Boston Tattoo Company has been giving their loyal clients tattoos and piercings that will last them a lifetime. With over a dozen artists to choose from they would love you visit one our premiere studio locations today!
Chameleon Tattoo & Body Piercing is a tattoo shop in Cambridge, MA that features uncanny artists and wonderful piercers. We offer traditional Japanese to classic Americana styles for both their tattoos as well as body piercings with the highest quality implant grade jewelry available on site at all times!