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LAST UPDATED 20 Jun, 2024
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List of the Top Agricultural Service in Boston

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Eastie Farm is a place for urban farming and community building. They use the farm to grow food, teach people how to cook with it, organize festivals centered around locally grown produce, run workshops on sustainable living practices such as composting or rainwater harvesting; they are even planning their own organic fertilizer production center!
Freight Farms is working to empower anyone, anywhere to grow local food for their community. The company produces container farming technology that uniquely enables people who live in urban areas without access to farmable land a way of growing fresh produce and herbs locally on site via hydroponics or aquaponics systems.
Green City Growers is a not-for-profit that transforms underutilized spaces into biodiverse food production landscapes, providing their clients with hyperlocal and sustainable foods. They inspire self-sufficiency by engaging them in the process of producing what they need to feed themselves.
Green Harvest is a non-profit, food agency that provides healthy and fresh foods to those who are struggling with hunger insecurity. With your help they can provide about two weeks of groceries for up to six months in order restore their health and give them the hope needed.

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In 2016, we opened B.GOOD's Hannah Farm on a small island off the coast of Boston. In just a few short years this one acre plot has had an enormous impact: producing over 25,000 lbs. of food (over 75% donated to the city), acting as both test-farm and classroom for our volunteers across America!
Agricultural Hall is a home away from the farm for city-dwelling agriculturalists. It's more than just a store or resource center; it has become an urban grange where people can come to share their experiences, explore new ideas and simply "shoot the breeze."
Superior Farms has a long-standing commitment to the well-being and care of the flock. Lambs are set to pasture across vast grasslands, sustaining on natural vegetation for centuries while being cared for by humans in this modern world. We believe good things come from putting these animals first--our mission is not only about producing meat but also providing quality of life!
At Allandale Farm, we are committed to our community and history. We're proud that through sustainable practices like growing plants from seed to store, Boston can reconnect with its agricultural roots. Our future is grounded in the path we have traveled so far as a company - investing in employees while honoring our heritage by hosting events for entertainment and education of all ages.
Eating food grown locally not only provides immediate health benefits, but also helps to foster a sense of community. The Urban Farming Institute's mission is to grow and promote farming in the urban environment so that more people can be engaged with growing their own healthy foods while fostering an increased feeling of camaraderie amongst neighbors.
Boston Microgreens is a modern urban farm located in the heart of Boston. We grow fresh, leafy greens and other produce with state-of-the art technology so that our customers can enjoy clean, healthy and tasty food right from their doorstep!