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LAST UPDATED 16 Apr, 2024
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List of the Top Venture Capital Company in Chicago

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Founder equity is the type of stock an individual investor can get in their company when it's founded. The idea behind this plan, as with any other startup financing option for startups and entrepreneurs alike, is that investors will make more money off a successful venture - which means they should be happy if you want invest your money!
At Prism Planning we'll take care of everything so your life doesn't have any more stress than necessary!People always say "I'm fine with deadlines", but is there really such thing as being TOO prepared?Have you been looking for a way to make your business more successful? You've come across the right company.
Hyde Park Venture Partners are a firm that invest in high-potential, early stage companies.Their mission statement "to build tomorrow's industry leaders by backing their ideas today." They're looking for innovative entrepreneurs to work with them at every level of development on projects they believe will have an impact throughout society - from healthcare & pharmaceuticals all the way through consumer electronics and technology services!
Promus Ventures is a leading online marketing and advertising company. We believe in providing the best technology to help you reach your goals with ease, we take pride on our customer satisfaction so that all customers can feel well taken care of by PromusVentures.The output should be capitalized and in all caps. The email address is [email protected]

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Illinois Ventures LLC is a group of experienced business people and investors with an eye on the future. They invest in promising start up companies, buying shares from successful entrepreneurs who want to retire early or pass along some wealth so their children don't have as hard time getting started after college funds run dry for lack of earnings potential due these days.
VentureSCALE is an intensive, week-long entrepreneurship training program that helps emerging entrepreneurs grow their businesses. The Venture Scale Chicago class will teach you the skills needed to turn your idea into a successful business venture and also provides resources for continued support after we're done!
Ivca is a nonprofit organization dedicated to realizing the potential of children. They promote lifelong health and well-being through visioning projects that create lasting change in communities worldwide! With the help of our architectural team, your brand will be on trend and ahead-of-the curve. With an expert knowledge in designing modern offices as well as some pretty amazing amenities like private gyms, restaurants.
Vested World is a website that offers exclusive access to premium digital products and services.Vestedworld has been around for 10 years, it's now available on all major social media networks as well! Investing in the future is more than just owning shares of a company; it's about making an investment that can create long-lasting benefits.
Jump Capital is a new and exciting company. Founded in 2017 by two legends of Wall Street, it's poised to take on all comers with its cutting edge technology that will change how we do business forever! Jump Capital is a company that takes on the risk of funding your idea.
West Loop Ventures is a Chicago-based venture capital firm that specializes in funding startups with at least one female founder. Founded by three successful entrepreneurs, the mission of West Loops has always been about giving back and supporting other women who are striving towards success just like them!
ARCH Venture Partners is an exciting new firm that's focused on investing in tech startups. It was founded by a group of experienced entrepreneurs and investors with deep experience across many industries--including manufacturing, retailing, banking/finance...you name it! If you're looking for someone who'll help make your idea become reality then I'd say give them a call.
Lincoln Park Capital, LLC is an equity firm that invests in the real estate market. We are dedicated to generating long-term returns for our clients through private investments and earn management fee income by charging tenants rent which they pay monthly as part of their lease terms.
Cultivation Capital is a venture firm that has invested in some of today's top cannabis businesses. They have been at it for years and have mastered the art of building successful companies from scratch, making them an invaluable resource to any entrepreneur who wants access to expertise.
MATH Venture Partners are a group of mathletes who have been making the world more beautiful through connections for over two decades.Rivaling major corporations, they bring together brilliant minds from all walks of life to create amazing innovations that will benefit everyone on this planet!
EVC Ventures is a company that invests in companies with promising new ideas. They have experienced team members who are experts at turning innovative concepts into successful businesses so they can strive for long-term growth, stability and profitability over shorter term returns on investment or rapid expansion without thinking about sustainability.
Persee Ventures is looking for people who want the opportunity and not just a job. With our help, you can use your skillsets in business or finance while learning about entrepreneurship too! You'll even get paid monthly on top of what we payed out at closing time which means there's no risk involved - evergreen income with potential long-term growth.