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LAST UPDATED 12 Apr, 2024
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List of the Top Security Guard Service in Chicago

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Illinois Security Services, Inc. is your security provider for the Midwest and nationwide with over 50 years of combined experience in providing a variety of services to businesses such as: Illinois Alarms Ltd., Illinois Indiana Security, Inc., and more. With ISS you know that all aspects will be handled from labor management disputes or just regular safety needs because they are fully licensed bonded insured!
Security Training Center -We are the world's leading provider of security training services, with over 10 years' experience in providing skills development courses to millions around the globe. Our expert instructors help students learn about different aspects and best practices relating to information systems engineering & cyber security through practical lessons using fun activities that will make you laugh.
Integrity Security Services, Inc. Chicago is a company that provides high quality services to their customers in the form of home security and fire protection systems for residential homes throughout Illinois . They have been operating since 1999 with emphasis always put on customer satisfaction by sticking up for what's right which has made them one of America's most trusted names.
Security Training Concepts is your one stop shop for all of those pesky security essentials. We offer a wide variety from self defense courses, bomb threats training and more!Security Training Concepts are a one-stop resource for all things security. They offer many different types of training, so you can find an option that fits your needs and budget!

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LawDog Security & Investigations Inc. goes the extra mile for their clients, which is why they'll be your best security choice in Orlando! The name says it all. LawDog Security & Investigations Inc., the most successful private investigation agency in town! With offices around Canada and internationally, they're on top of everything - even when you can't be there yourself.
Tactical Security Chicago is the best in tactical protection, weapons training & security services for businesses of all sizes. Our mission has always been to provide affordable solutions that are tailored specifically towards your needs with a heavy emphasis on customer service satisfaction. Tactical Security Chicago is the best in tactical protection, weapons training & security services for businesses of all sizes.
Metro One Loss Prevention Services Group is the leading provider of tailored security solutions for organizations worldwide. We specialize in providing clients with unrivaled loss prevention expertise, which includes physical protection but also IT related services to help prevent data breaches and identity theft at any time!
The Guardian Group is a company that was founded in 2009. They are an international media brand with offices across the world, including London and New York City for starters! The Guardian has been recognized by Forbes Magazine as one of "World's Most Admired Companies" six years running since 2013.
Metro Security is the best choice for any business that wants to be protected from vandalism or other vandals. We have been providing security services since 1985, and our experience with everything from fire alarms all way up through cybersecurity makes us your one-stop shop when it comes time get a new system installed at home or work.
United Protection Agency, Inc. is a company committed to providing outstanding service and protection for all those who depend on us-including you! The United Protection Agency was founded by family members with over three decades of combined experience in law enforcement safety services--they know what it takes not only put their clients' needs first but also stay up front.
Action K-9 Security is a company that specializes in the field of canine security. They offer services such as: alarm installation and repair for homes, commercial properties or government installations; guard dogs to protect your family (and assets) 24/7 ; explosive detection with their specially trainedogs poised on alert ready at any given time if necessary - all this around some great rates too!

Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc.

Service Focus
17% Guard Service
15% Cash Transit
34% Electronic Security System
34% Training
Service Focus
17% Guard Service
15% Cash Transit
34% Electronic Security System
34% Training
Nationwide Investigations and Security, Inc. provides a full range of Specialized Protective Services for those needing extra protection in dangerous situations such as business presentations or criminal investigations where the risk may be high-tension crimes like hostage taking that could turn into something worse with little warning due to our nationwide presence (we have offices across America).
Valle Services is the leading provider for plumbing, heating and cooling services.A company based out of Denver Colorado our team specializes in all things HVAC including installation/repair as well machine maintenance to preventative measures that will save you money on your bill every month! We also offer an extensive range of equipment sales.
The AGB team is a group of dedicated and passionate professionals who will go out on any limb for their clients. They provide services such as background checks, honesty verification interviews (HVI), civil lawsuits mediation or arbitration hearings before they've even started working together with you!
Securatex is more than just a code, it's an approach to business.It takes time for things like this company identities and brands get created because they have so much more work put into them than most projects do before you even start making your first sale or building community engagement with customers' social media pages (which I'm guessing may already exist).
Benford Protection Group is a well established company that has been in operation for over 20 years. The management team understands the importance of security, which they have protected with an insurance policy to protect against losses incurred due their commitment to client's best interests.Benjamin protection group was founded by Benjamin Franklin who recognized how easily fraud can take place.
Securitas Security Services USA chicago for all your security needs.The next time you find yourself in need of a company that offers reliable protection, look no further than Securitas Security Services USA Chicago. When it comes down to providing exceptional customer service and excellent value with every job we do; there's really nothing else like us out on the market today!