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LAST UPDATED 24 Jul, 2024
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List of the Top Pilates Studio in Chicago

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Core Chicago Pilates is an innovative studio that offers a comprehensive range of fitness classes. With our coaches you will learn proper form, build strength and flexibility through various exercises in this fun environment! Get in the best shape of your life with Core Chicago Pilates! We offer a variety of classes, including beginners' sessions and drop-ins.
Sana Vita Studio Pilates and Yoga is a studio that offers both yoga instruction, as well as other forms of exercise. The instructor will guide you through your workout routine using PLYO (Pilates Mat Workout), which helps to increase flexibility while toning muscles at the same time!
Frog Temple Pilates Studio is the perfect place for you to achieve your physical and mental health goals! The studio offers classes that will teach students how they can improve their balance, coordination skills as well as core strength. All of our instructors are trained in breathing techniques which helps with relaxation during workouts so it feels less like work out session.
Sirron Pilates Studio is an amazing place for all your fitness needs. They have some of the best classes in town, with experienced instructors who will help you achieve results-driven workouts tailored specifically to meet YOUR specific goals!You'll love how accessible it feels like they make exercises easy and interesting so even beginners can feel comfortable doing them too (no matter what level) -

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Home Stretch Pilates Studio. With the help of our instructors we will work with each individual's needs while achieving long-term progress through conditioning routines designed by world renowned athletes like Beachbody Coach Gina Nuccio who has helped hundreds lose weight by transforming their bodies in just 30 days!
Studio 8 Pilates is a place where you can practice yoga and improve your flexibility with one on one training from an instructor who specializes in particular areas of development.Classes are held every day at various times to accommodate people's schedules, whether it be morning or night time! You'll never feel outclassed by other students.
LightSpace Pilates & Wellness is the only studio in town that offers a wide range of classes for all different levels. With studios decorated with light, dark and bright colors as well as soothing soundscapes they are designed to create an optimal environment for students by providing them comfort while maximizing results through workout motivation techniques.
Logan Square Pilates + Core Studio is an innovative studio that offers a variety of classes for all fitness levels. With over 10 years experience in the Chicago area, they specialize in providing individualized attention to each student based on their specific needs and goals! If you're looking forward to starting your own journey towards mental clarity or simply need some guidance along the way -
Ab&Flow Pilates Studio is a studio in which you can find everything from ab workouts to flow classes. The AB & FLOW Pilates Studios offers both standard and eclectic styles of workout programs for all levels, so there's sure be one that fits your needs!
The Pilates Advantage Chicago offers a variety of classes for all abilities in an encouraging, non- intimidation environment. They also offer monthly workshops on topics like breathing techniques, pregnancy fitness programs and kid's activity camps to make sure your family stays active together!Output: The market has never been more competitive; it is important that you find the right gym for yourself and your lifestyle.
The Amplified Pilates Center is a studio that specializes in teaching people with disabilities. The instructors here know how to work around their limitations and offer customized classes for different levels, which means there's no two workouts alike!"What is the point of moving if I don't feel stronger?" That's what you should be thinking after a session with Amplified Pilates Center.
The Pilates Center of Chicago is an exceptional place to get started with the ancient technique.It offers classes for all levels, ranging in duration from one hour long sessions lasting 50 minutes up until four hours which last 80 minutes each! There are also fully customized programs available if you're looking for something more intense than what they offer on average -a
Club Pilates Chicago is one of the most well-known and respected health clubs in all of Chicagoland, offering an extensive variety for every type.Club pilates chicago provides memberships with unlimited classes per week that are catered toward individuals who want to improve their strength but still maintain flexibility by focusing on proper technique rather than bulky weights.
The Pure Pilates Chicago studio is a haven for those looking to take their fitness regimen up another notch. They offer classes that will have you taking part in exercises like floor-based yoga, vinyasa flow or matwork sessions along with traditional barre work!Pure Pilates Chicago was founded by a group of women who wanted to take their workout routines.