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LAST UPDATED 23 Jun, 2024
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Karen I. Wennerberg CNM .As a nurse, it's always been important to me that the patient feels comfortable and confident in their surroundings as well as connected with those caring for them through speech or gesture - but what about you? Do your patients ever feel like they don't know who is speaking to them during procedures suchs as blood draws or injections.
Libby A. Oppert has been offering her clients the best in gerontological care for more than 10 years now as its director and owner at Senior Services Consultants PC located on 5th & York Drive near Baseline Road - Suite 2200 CO 80106. The first thing you need to know about Libby A. Oppert, CNM is that she's not your average nurse!
Molly E. Kavanaugh CNM is a nurse practitioner in private practice and expert on perinatal nursing with an emphasis on communication, pregnancy outcomes and motherhood issues for expectant parents of all backgrounds at any stage through the process; from preconception to postpartum.2 years ago she started her own midwifery clinic which offers comprehensive care that ranges.
Nancy Ellen Graham is the CNM of Nancy's Naturopathic Clinic.Nancy has been in health care for 30 years, using her skills as an occupational therapist with accommodations on managing pain and working through injury so it won't be debilitating down the road to patients who come into this office feeling like they don't fit anywhere else or have ever felt.

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Rachel L. Blumenthal, CNM is a nurse with over 25 years of experience who has worked in private practice and administration for hospitals throughout New York City as well at the United Nations Medical Corps. She specializes primarily on obstetrics & gynecology but also offers comprehensive medical services including family planning consultations to all patients regardless if they are pregnant or not.
Allison Manko is a CNM who has been practicing obstetrics and gynecology for 10 years. She enjoys the challenges that come with motherhood, caring deeply about her patients' outcomes even when facing difficult labor situations or complications from pregnancy such as high blood pressure during delivery which can lead to maternal stroke later in life if not treated properly.
Betty L. Schlatter CNM is committed to providing comprehensive care for her patients, which includes physical exams and treatment plans that are customized according provides the finest possible service at all times. With more than 10 years of experience as an nurse midwife delivering babies in hospital settings or home deliveries depending.
The Burr Ridge Birth Center offers a warm, compassionate and home-like environment where families receive exceptional midwifery care. Our exam rooms are spaces for conversation without any distractions; our thoughtfully designed birth suites offer an unhurried space to laboring while also stowing equipment nearby so that it will be safe during your delivery process.