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LAST UPDATED 12 Jun, 2024
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List of the Top Mental Health Service in Chicago

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Behavioral Services Center is an integrative mental health and treatment facility that offers its patients a variety of clinical services. You may ask what does "integrative therapy" mean to Behavioral? We believe there
You can rest assured that any time you need help, our staff will be there for you. All the treatment centers have highly qualified physicians and counselors on hand to provide support in your recovery process from whatever may ail you - whether mental health concerns or substance abuse issues!
The Community Mental Health Council does not provide rehabilitation for mental illness. They are a service that provides consultation and support in the area of social cohesion, or how we interact with our communities to maintain their well-being.The goal is help members overcome hurdles so they're able live productive lives as active participants rather than just recipients.
Greywood is a unique treatment facility that offers cutting-edge therapy for adolescents and young adults. They have seen great success in helping those who suffer from behavioral health concerns get on the road to recovery, by offering evidence based practices as well as practical tools like transtheoretical models which enable them to individualize their approach accordingly.

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Since 1979, NAMI Chicago has fought for families and individuals impacted by mental health conditions. We promote community wellness in order to break down barriers of people getting the help they need when it is most needed - both locally as well as far away from home or close friends who can understand them better than anyone else ever could!
At our clinic, we provide a wide range of outpatient services for kids and teens as well as adult inpatient treatment. Services include mental health assessments with group therapy sessions that can be counseling by an individual or family member; medication is also available at the site if needed!
New Insights Behavioral Health Services is a premier private practice located in Portage Park, Chicago that offers evidence-based treatments to clients. Our team consists of highly credentialed Licensed Psychologists and Professional Counselors who build collaborative relationships with their patients while providing them the best care possible for mental health conditions such as depression or anxiety disorder .
The Arcus Behavioral Health & Wellness is a haven for mental health. They have been providing services that help people overcome their issues since 1978! In today's fast-paced world, many of us are dealing with stress on an everyday basis. If you're looking to take care your emotional well being or just want someone else there while doing it.
Asian Human Services Inc., also known as AHI is a company in need of your help! They are seeking compassionate individuals to work at the Behaviroal Health field. The position involves working with clients on mental health issues and can provide some Mon-Fri hours during weekdays or weekends depending upon location/availability."