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List of the Top Lawyer in Chicago

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The Chicago Lawyers Committee is a civil rights law firm that strives to be the voice of those who have been denied their rights. The team works with private bar members and grassroots organizations alike, helping people in need while strengthening our community at large through legal representation for minorities everywhere!
Law offices of David L. Freidberg, P.C., has a commitment to provide the best legal representation and advice for all your needs at an affordable price with responsive customer service that you can rely on no matter what situation arises in life-- from litigation matters such as divorce or criminal defense through mediation resolutions if necessary!
Fabbrini Law Group is a firm of skilled, dedicated attorneys who will stand up for you in court.Their slogan states that they are 'the ones with steel balls'. Their office can be found on Ponce de Leon Avenue near Northeastern University's campus and it has been seen as one of the most prestigious law firms around town for years now!
The Law Offices of Hal M. Garfinkel LLC is Chicago's top criminal defense attorney and has been representing clients for over 25 years! "Chicago Criminal Defense Attorney," says Chris Hansen, "the best in town." We are known throughout Chicagoland as an unswerving commitment to quality service with no two cases alike.

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Goldman & Associates is a company that offers the best of everything to its customers. They want each person who works at Goldman, or any other one of their offices located in different states across America (and even internationally), be happy with all they have available for them- from great coffee machines and free food pantries.
The Law Office of Michael P. Schmiege is a nationally recognized criminal defense law firm specializing in domestic battery, aggravated assault, armed robbery and reckless homicide cases among others. You can contact our skilled lawyers today for the best representation possible to reduce or eliminate your charges regardless of which crime you have committed with access to confidential consultation!
Gottreich and Levinsohn Law Offices is a top-rated, award winning law firm. This year we were named as one of "America's Leading Lawyers" by Thomson Reuters for our work in the areas of Intellectual Property Rights & Trade Practices; Business/Corporate Organizations (including mergers"); Construction Litigation - Construction Coercion Defense ("R"); Labor Negligence Defense
The Law Offices of Mitch are here to help you. It's important that your charges don't jeopardize the future, and we can get them taken care of! We handle serious criminal cases like family law or personal injury litigation as well-even if this seems mostly minor right now - just speak with an attorney at no cost today!
The Illinois Lawyer Finder is a great way to find legal representation, but there are drawbacks. You may end up paying more money and getting less help since you aren't using an experienced attorney with years of knowledge under his belt like some attorneys would be able too!
The Law Offices of Robert D. Ahlgren and Associates is the best legal office around to work for if you are looking for an exciting career as well-suited to your personality type!A great place with so many opportunities, there's no limit on how much success their employees can achieve together."
Alexis McDowell is an industry expert and a strategic thinker with her heart in the right place. Her law expertise delivers peace of mind to clients who know she will always work hard for them, ensuring their best interests are top priority. Alexis McDowell is a lawyer who has an exceptionally strategic focus and professional expertise to help her clients with their best interests.
Ivan Rueda Law Office is a Chicago based litigation firm that's approachable, ethical and experienced. We have language skills to communicate in Spanish or English while our street parking makes it convenient for people without transportation options who want visit us at any time of day! Our services include topics like aggravated battery/assault cases; burglary etc.
The Peck Ritchey law firm has been recognized for their excellent work in a variety of different areas, ranging from basic estate planning to complex litigation. The attorneys at the Chicago-based company have over 100 years combined experience and are dedicated to providing legal representation with compassion and understanding.
At Ankin Law Office, we have more than 100 years of experience representing those who are injured in a motor vehicle accident slip and fall injury case as well as work injuries. We also represent victims of medical negligence which will include cases involving birth defects if child is born alive; wrongful death claims for families with lost loved ones to negligent care such accidents!
Katz, Friedman, Eisenstein and Johnson have been fighting for full and fair compensation for clients in Chicago. They concentrate on protecting the rights of people who are injured at work or car accidents! Their goal is to obtain justice so that their clients' needs can be met giving them a chance at fixing what happened to them through various cases such as those with social security disability claims.
Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers is one of the top lawyers in New York for personal injury. They have helped people get what they deserve after an unfortunate event, which can lead to them getting compensation or at least making your day brighter by giving you some peace off knowing that justice will be served!
The Chicago Bar Association is a voluntary bar association with over 20,000 members who care about professional ethics and the law. The headquarters of this group are located adjacent to John Marshall Law School in downtown Chicago which hosts many events for its students on their campus.
Law Office of Andrew Weisberg specializes in criminal law, and they have been a leader for over two decades. The Chicago-based firm has devoted their careers to working exclusively with clients who are facing tough situations such as those found within this city's courts system--and they will do whatever it takes until you're back on your feet again!
Salvi, Schostok & Pritchard P.C., established in 1895 as Lincoln's sole personal attorneys following his murder trial is proud to have represented presidents of both parties and counting criminals from Al Capone on down through John Gotti Jr.; 12 federal judges; scores or even hundreds more state court judges throughout various states including Ohio where they continue their work.