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Top Furniture Repair Shop in Chicago - 2023

LAST UPDATED 27 Sep, 2023
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List of the Top Furniture Repair Shop in Chicago

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Chicago Wood Refinishing, Inc. has over 35 years of experience and is the most trusted name in wood renovation and custom furniture design within Chicago's Chicagoland area. Whether you're looking for help to renovate a home or accentuate the space with new cabinets, our professionals can do it all!
Joe's Furniture Upholstery is a furniture repair shop that has been in business for over 30 years. We have developed an extensive knowledge of upholstery repairs and can take care of just about anything the people come to us with, from stain removal to sewing back together pile on your couch cushions or headboard padding.
The Danlin Furniture Conservators is a company that takes care of older furniture in order for you to enjoy its beauty, all the way up until the end. They offer expert restoration services and will remove any stains or scratches from an item's surface while also refinishing if necessary before offering it back as good as new!
JP Furniture Refinishing and Upholstery is the home of exquisite furniture refinishing in Chicago, IL since 2002. Whether you're looking to freshen up your grandma's favorite chair or spruce up that boring office desk with a new coat of paint, JP has got it covered! We also offer services for repairs when accidents happen like an unfortunate run-in with ketchup on your once pristine dining table.

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Dek? Professional Upholstery's philosophy is to go above and beyond for you, the customer. We have been in business over 40 years now, all with a focus on doing our best work possible so that when your furniture needs fixing or updating we can help make it happen!
"Leos Furniture and Upholstery Inc." "Furniture and upholstery that lasts!" Leo's has been family-owned since 1979. Home to the highest quality furniture at competitive prices, Leo
Evanstonia Antiques and Restoration offers a one-stop shop for your antique or estate sale needs. With enthusiastic staff that are knowledgeable about the items they sell, Evanstonia is the place to go if you need an expert opinion on what might be worth restoring! Evanstonia Antiques & Restoration, located in Willow Street historic downtown.
Mastercraft Furniture is a family-owned and operated business that has been in operation for over seventy years. Input: I am an expert at refinishing all types of hardwoods, including oak among others with high gloss finishes or deep etchings like the tiger maple veneer we offer; we also offer discounts.
Five Star Furniture offers you a wide variety of furniture to choose from, both in-store and online. With Five Star's convenient financing program that allows for payments while deferring interest the way they plan it out is very simple! Allowing customers with more options when purchasing their new bedroom furnishing or dining room set will make things even better than before.
At Superior Custom Furniture, we're specialists when it comes to restoring antique and vintage pieces. We take the time to get creative with your furniture needs by meeting you in person or viewing a potential project at your location for free before making any decisions on what's best. If that sounds like something you need, give us a call today!
Ackerman Refinishing and Upholstery Furniture Repair is here to make your old, neglected furniture look like new again. Our experts can assist with a variety of services: from refinishing or upholstery repairs for those in need; customizing woodworking projects on any scale down all the way to restoring antique furnishings that may have been damaged by water damage centuries ago!
Furniture Medic is the ultimate resource for all of your furniture needs. Your questions are answered by industry experts with decades worth knowledge in their respective fields, including home staging consultant William Parsons himself! Living in a modern house is great, but there are some things that just don't work. Furniture Medic is here to help you with all those problems and more!
Time Treasures Restoration and Upholstery are committed to providing the highest quality of service. If you need any furniture refinishing or cleaning services, get in touch with us! We are an experienced team of professionals who take pride in our work. We have the knowledge necessary for restoring your old furniture back to its original state, or even better than before!
Ancor Professional helps you find the person you aspire to be. They will guide and provide fresh options for your design, stand back while choosing favorites with a beautifully functional space that is uniquely yours. Ancor supervises everything from start to finish so there are no worries about getting it all done right!
Hoffman Furniture Restoration is the trusted name for all of your upholstery needs. With over 50 years in business, we have seen it all and can restore any item with grace to look as good on day one as when you brought it home! Hoffman Furniture Restoration is the go-to spot for all things furniture. We specialize in restoring your antiques and vintage items.
Weber Furniture Service has been in the furniture business for over thirty years. We are a company with decades of experience and have grown into one that handles all types of large projects including country clubs, government agencies, schools, etcetera. They have the experience, capability, and customer base to provide quality services on a large scale.
Ancor Professional Upholstery Inc. can help! We offer an incredible selection in all kinds of fabrics and colors that will match any style; from traditional furniture pieces like leather sofas with cushions made out original material designs -to more modern styles such as bright color schemes- whatever it may be we have just what you're looking for (and at very competitive prices too!).
Illinois Upholstery & Refinishing Company is one such company that provides services for all your needs, from furniture restoration to custom interiors made just how you want them! Are you in need of a professional upholstery and refinishing company? You have come to the right place.
Weber Furniture Services Inc. has been providing furniture solutions to customers in Chicago and all over Illinois for generations. They are committed to excellence on every project they take on which means their customers can be confident that each one will last long enough that it'll still look like new when you're ready move out or sell!