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List of the Top Flooring Contractor in Chicago

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At Ciprian Hardwood Flooring, we know that the best floors are made from real wood. That's why our beautiful and durable hardwoods come with an untreated surface so you can add your own finish in whatever color or design scheme suits you! If you're looking for the most beautiful flooring around, look no further than Ciprian Hardwood Floors.

Riteway Home

Service Focus
50% Builds Structures
25% Labour Team
18% Supervisor
6% Other
Service Focus
50% Builds Structures
25% Labour Team
18% Supervisor
6% Other
Riteway Home Remodeling is a full- service design, building, and remodeling company that services in the Chicagoland area. Whether you need a kitchen or bathroom built from scratch or just some help modernizing your space with new flooring for example; our team of professionals are here to provide exceptional workmanship and attention to detail no matter what project size!
Epoxy floors means they are perfect for both residential and commercial properties. These types of flooring can stand up against everyday wear, which is why you don't need to worry about scratches or other damage on your property when it comes time for maintenance! Epoxies provide an excellent surface finish because there's no need to wax them.
Simple Flooring Company is a locally-owned business that specializes in floor supplies, installation and wood refinishing services. With their deep knowledge of the industry they can help you make your home or office more comfortable while also increasing its value for little cost. They're here to provide all your local needs when it comes to floors!

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FLOORecki Floors is a world-class flooring company committed to quality work. With installations ranging from residential hardwood floors to full design build solutions for commercial needs, FLOORecki takes on all types of projects with agility and old fashioned dedication - no matter the size or scope! We always keep up with modern life standards because we know that everyone moves fast these days; so do we!
Tile Installation Contractors Chicago- P&T Tile Installers A leading tile installation company for all your home improvement needs. With over a decade of experience, we have an extensive knowledge base and can handle any job from small walk-in showers to kitchen backsplashes! There's a reason the phrase "as easy to install tiles" was included in this article.
Footprints Floor showroom is how welcoming it feels. From the moment we walk through those doors, our friendly staff will be on site with some samples of their products for us to take home. As soon as I left my shoes outside and walked back inside they were already being vacuumed by an android who knows his way around these things better than anyone else!
U.s. Home Tile Installation Chicago is a professional tile installation contractors that specializes in providing top-quality tiling services and renovations with quality craftsmanship, economical rates, highest standards, and guaranteed installation time after time to ensure your satisfaction every step of the way from design to finished product we take pride in what we do!
Great Hardwood Flooring Service Inc. We are a complete hardwood floor company that provides services such as installation, refinishing and sanding for all your needs! Whether you need residential or commercial wood floors we have got it covered with high quality materials at competitive prices!
Unique Flooring is a family-owned, insured and bonded company that offers you the widest range of services. They offer installing hardwood floors of any type as well as dustless sanding, refinishing and staining which are just some examples. Unique Floors also repairs damaged wood floorings or railings in your home with their professional expertise no matter what the situation may be!
ADC Floor, there's just something about it that makes people want to buy. And the reason for this? It has everything from their excellent selection of tile options in stock and ready-to-install flooring systems available right now! We're hiring! Visit us at www.adcfloorsincorporatedto apply today for amazing career opportunities and become part of something bigger than yourself.
Great hardwood Flooring Services is a professional Chicago flooring contractor that provides top-quality residential and commercial wood and tile floors. We install, refinish, sand, finish with luster or matte look finishes for your desired effect. Other services include prefinishing of laminate floors which also have the option to be engineered by us as well!
World Flooring & More is the world's number one flooring store, offering customers an extensive selection of high-quality carpets as well as hardwood floors. For over 50 years our goal has been to provide everything they need for any room in their house with simply outstanding service at competitive prices!
ADR Flooring Inc. is more than just a floor company, it's about the experience of living with dignity and respect as you walk on our beautiful floors! As the owner of ADR Flooring Inc, I am devoted to providing customers with high-quality products at an affordable price.
Peter Flooring is a leading Chicago hardwood floor installation company. Specializing in high quality residential jobs, we also offer big commercial projects such as gymnasiums and dance studios with our experienced professionals who are committed to providing excellent craftsmanship for every job no matter how complex the scope may be
Chicagoland Flooring is a family-owned and operated floor company that offers high quality products with an unparalleled commitment to customer service.The Chicagos specialize in hardwood floors, carpet installation services as well as commercial remodeling work such as kitchens & bathrooms! The Chicagoland Flooring Company is a leading provider for floor coverings in the Chicago area.
PM Tile Installation & Contractor Chicago.PMTiling is the perfect solution for those looking to update their old or boring tiles. They come in all shapes and sizes, so there's something that will work with any home d