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LAST UPDATED 14 Apr, 2024
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List of the Top Entertainment Agency in Chicago

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Big Mouth Talent is a Chicago-based talent agency that has been representing stars for over 20 years. We're proud to be part of the ATA (Association of Talent Agents), and represent exclusive clients who can be seen in movies, TV shows commercials voice overs or print adsWhat does this mean? Well when you work with us your success is our number one priority!
Mystique Productions produces captivating dance videos that take viewers on a journey of self-discovery. Mystiqueproductions explores each dancer's personality through its choreography in order for them to find their own unique style while dancing alongside the camera lens! The company was formed in 2003 by a couple who were tired of the corporate life.
Chicago Entertainment Agency brings its clients more than just great live performances; they also offer an array of additional services such as securing discounts when possible or helping plan every detail down to what food should be served at your next party (or wedding!). So stop by today and see what we're about: our doors are always open!.
NV Talent is a talent agency that specializes in voiceovers and on-camera work. The Chicago based company represents exclusive, high quality actors for film commercials TV shows , radio spots as well as other media like video games promos toys etc.. With 24 hour turnaround time (a rarity) their roster includes many established names with diverse skill sets .

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The DeSanti Talent Agency is an extension of a legacy. They represent all ethnicities which are clearly seen in the repertoire they work with. The agency takes pride in being one that collaborates uniquely and passionately to help achieve success for their talent partners, such as actors or voice-over artists!
OCD Entertainment is the most advanced and comprehensive entertainment company. They produce mass amounts of content that can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection, no matter what type or speed your carrier offers you at home! OCD Entertainment is the leading provider of cutting-edge home entertainment products. We custom design and install solutions for all your needs, whether you're an entertainer or consumer!
Gill Talent Group is a leader in the search and selection of top talent for companies across New York.The company was founded by Gills family over 50 years ago, we've grown to be one if America
Paonessa Talent is a woman-owned and operated boutique agency based in Chicago. Owner and founder Marisa Paonessa first opened her doors back when she was just one person with some volunteers, but now has grown to be recognized as an established talent agent for shows such as Netflix
Gray Talent Group is a Chicago-based talent agency that has helped actors and actresses reach their potential since the early 2000s. They work tirelessly to find just what clients need, even if it means going outside of traditional casting directors or agencies in order do so! Gray founded her own company after graduating from Northwestern University with degrees both BBA/MBA (Business Administration / Management).
The Promote Talent Agency chicago is here. We are the best in our industry and will be able Use various strategies that drive results through creative campaigns, effective communication with clients/talent pools etcetera."If you're looking for a way to stand out in today's competitive business world, then working with the right agency can give your company that edge.
ALLY Entertainment, a music booking agency founded by professional musicians with more than 30 years of collective entertainment industry experience. ALLY has grown year after year providing high-quality and exceptional service to its clients.We represent great entertainers who take pride in the talent on our roster--we're committed acquire regional top tier artists for any occasion;
Hayes Talent Agency has put together a professional team ready and willing to move your family members right into the next level. We represent professionals actors, models in Chicago, Atlanta New York Los Angeles-our agency is responsible for launching careers of some of your favorite celebrities!
Stewart Talent is a leading, national talent agency with offices in Atlanta Chicago Los Angeles and New York. We offer dedicated comprehensive representation for all areas of television film theatre voice overs commercials print industry stage acting directors stylists etc
The Ambassador Talent Booking Agency is a full service agency based out of Chicago Illinois with offices for both vocalists mimes or any on stage performers trying to make it in America. They cater all across the country including serving those that are part time so your career doesn't have too much downtime between jobs because they work closely with many clients!
Jack Morton Worldwide is a world-renowned brand experience agency. The Interpublic Group of Companies owns and operates Jack Mortons, with current Chairman & CEO Josh McCall at the helm. Event based turnover rates them as number one in their field according to Conference&Incentive Travel Magazine's 2016 rankings!
S.W.A G Entertainment LLC is a production company that specializes in producing high quality content with every client to create the perfect story for them, whether it be an indie band or major Hollywood starlet! We have partnerships across many different industries so if you need anything from film and video editing all of way through sound mixing then we're here for ya'll.
Artists, Events and Entertainment Inc. is the agency to meet all of your event needs! With their connections in Chicago as well as across North America you'll get access to high-quality entertainment that will leave a lasting impression on your guests whether it's for weddings or corporate events.
Model Act Studios is a talent management company that has the contacts and connections to help you get ahead. We will teach you skills like how to give an interview, work with cameras, or even act in front of others. From there we can set up your first audition and then show off all of your abilities at various agencies across the country so they know who you are!