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Top Egyptian Restaurant in Chicago - 2024

LAST UPDATED 17 Apr, 2024
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List of the Top Egyptian Restaurant in Chicago

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Cedars is now doing dine-in and outdoor seating with a fast casual style as well as take-out & delivery in Hyde Park. With our transition, we
Masada Chicago is a restaurant in which all dishes are made with fresh ingredients, which makes this spot an excellent choice for those who prefer healthy and light meals full of flavor. The menu includes vegetarian options such as falafel wraps or salads without meatballs; beef kababs skewered on swords
The Couscous restaurant has been serving up delicious taste from across the Mediterannean Sea since 1987! When you come inside to this cozy spot on Halsted Street in North Center area, there are interesting dishes like hot Turkish coffee waiting for your order along side some perfect French pastries too.
Mashawi Grill is a casual dining restaurant that features the grilled taste of Iraq and Yemeni foods. The full experience includes traditional wraps to classic entrees with exciting barbeque flavors for lunch or dinner, all accompanied by our authentic Iraqi Grilled items like Keftas Kabobs and grilled chicken.

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The Dawali Jerusalem Kitchen Facebook Page welcomes you with a display of their delicious food. The page features dishes from the hottest kebab wrap to even zesty hummus! From Chinese good luck wishes and spicy hot sauce, don't miss out on this great Chicago-based kitchen!
The Punch Bowl Social in Chicago is a huge venue that can barely contain the fun. This grown-up playground features 30,000 square feet of meatpacking factory turned culinary nirvana with loads to do: grab a bite, sip on some cocktails or show off your shuffleboard skills whatever you're looking for.
Falafel & Grill is a small family-owned restaurant that offers our customers healthy food with an authentic Mediterranean and Middle Eastern taste. We make everything ourselves from sauces to falafel, making it fresh every day for the best experience possible. It's what we do in order to bring you happiness!
At Rumi, we have all of your Mediterranean favorites the way you want them. Whether it's something quick or a hearty meal with friends, our variety will accommodate any diet and mood! Milwaukee Avenue near the Damen Blue Line stop for those who are too busy to cook but still love delicious food that satisfies their palate without killing themselves on carbs!
Galit is a Middle Eastern restaurant in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago. The food and drink served are seasonal, localized to meet customer needs, with an emphasis on fresh ingredients sourced from local businesses. They have seven different rooms that can accommodate anything from hosting business functions to birthday parties and holiday gatherings!
Rezas Restaurant is a local gem. It's the best place for take-out food to enjoy at home. The chicken and rice were flavorful, fresh, crispy on the outside with juicy meat inside! I can still taste it now as we speak! Highly recommend this joint if you're looking for some Persian/Irani fare that will have your mouth watering in no time flat.
Alhambra Palace is the perfect location for a night of Middle Eastern/Mediterranean fine dining and entertainment. For an unforgettable experience, come on in to Alhambra Palace where you'll find belly dancers every Friday-Saturday as well as the best Middle Eastern singers Chicago has to offer!
Kabobchi is a Middle Eastern Restaurant in Chicago, IL for those who love to eat. Whether you're hosting an important gathering or just crave diversity when it comes to food, Kabobchi will help make your event the success that it deserves! They have seven different rooms that can accommodate anything from hosting business functions to birthday parties and holiday gatherings!
Salam Restaurant has been serving customers fresh, high quality food for over thirty years. We offer a variety of meat options to choose from like chicken kabob grilled shishkabobs or the traditional falafel dish made out tasty ingredients such as hummus dipped vegetables in pita bread wrapped around them together with lettuce tomato slices and special spices!
Baba Pita is an award winning restaurant that will take you on a culinary journey through the middle east. They are located in Chicago and use recipes handed down from nomadic farms to create authentic food for their guests! From nomadic farms in the middle east to your kitchen, Baba Pita Middle Eastern Scratch Kitchen provides an authentic culinary experience and a delicious taste of home.
Kurah Mediterranean is a restaurant with an authentic taste of theMediterranean for you. The scent of b'sava wafts through their doors, and we are confident that once in your seat you will be eating until all hours as well! It was established last year on Michigan Avenue by two brothers who love food just like us here at (insert company name).
Semiramis Mediterranean Restaurant is a restaurant with the most amazing food around. I tried their spinach and cheese pies for lunch, which were bursting with flavor that was perfectly spiced. Semiramis Mediterranean Restaurant has some of the best tasting dishes in town! I had an incredible time there indulging on some yummy vegetarian pizza slices made from olives, feta cheese,
Cairo Kebab is the place to go for an authentic Egyptian experience. From their fresh, Halal food prepared daily with a large selection of vegetarian and vegan options, Cairo Kebab offers something everyone can enjoy! They boast some serious family talent in Hussein
The La Birrieria Restaurant is the best Mexican restaurant in Chicago. It's a cozy, friendly place with plenty of tables to accommodate you and your friends! You can enjoy our authentic birria (Mexican pork dish) or other dishes on their menu while drinking from one of many beverages they offer- including beer if that sounds better than water for whatever time!
The Nile of Hyde Park is the best Middle Eastern restaurant in Chicago. They have a variety of dishes for any foodie craving you might have! And their catering service makes it easy to feed your friends or coworkers anything from kebabs and shawarma meat, fish tacos served up with pickled veggies on top (made especially tasty by being mixed together first).