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LAST UPDATED 24 Apr, 2024
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List of the Top Detectives in Chicago

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E-Process & Investigations has a team of highly skilled professionals who will work to provide you with the information and support that your case needs. Our professional staff are licensed, insured, have an expedited turnaround time for reports so clients can be confident their cases are being handled professionally by people who take pride in doing quality work.
On Q Professional Investigations is a small private investigation firm located in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. ONQPI's mission statement is to enhance the depth and quality of different products offered for their clients who-need something more-than just security services. Whether you are looking for an investigative product or other service, our team will work tirelessly until they have accomplished your goal with care and precision.
The Ingenium Consulting Group has been a trusted name for more than 30 years and their success rates are higher than any other agency. Put your mind at ease by learning what's going on with our dedicated team of experts who work hard every day to find solutions that will put you at peace from negativity surrounding yourself or loved ones contact us today!
RA Private Investigation & Security Inc. offers a wide range of private detective services and security solutions, tailored to your needs. Whether you are looking for surveillance in Chicago IL or an investigation into the whereabouts of a missing person's financial assets- we have someone on staff with expertise that will meet your needs perfectly.

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Kates Detective Agency is a privately owned MBE and DBE certified minority business. The team at Kate's pride themselves on their ability to work with clients in Illinois, who need help protecting assets while formulating unique loss prevention strategies based on specific client needs - all from our Chicago office!
RGH Investigations has been in business for 60 years and is the best choice to get your work done. We specialize in serving papers, surveilling people, working with law firms on cases like worker's comp or even background checks! Contact us today so we can help you out - don't forget our office is located right here in Chicago.
Lawrence Ryan Investigations is committed to catching the truth for clients. Before hiring a private investigation firm, see what our satisfied customers are saying! We have over 38 years of experience and can be trusted with any case
The Richardson Detective Agency is a local, privately owned and operated company that provides professional private investigation services for any case or personal needs. Our team of licensed investigators has over 20 years experience with legal help investigations-- we'll get you what evidence is needed!
MSI Detective Services is the best at discreet investigations in Chicagoland. If you're looking for help with an insurance claim, a business' competition among other companies or if your spouse has been cheating on you and needs proof to end their marriage then MSI can provide it all!
The Dinner Detective is unlike any other experience! Be a part of an amazing murder mystery show paired with fantastic four-course plated dinner. From the very beginning, actors will be hiding in the audience who are not dressed as characters from the show and anyone can end up being on stage including you.
Chicagoland Detective Services has been in the business of solving tough cases for over a decade. We work with your every need while using state-of-the art technology and experienced investigators to give you fast, reliable results! Not only do we provide private investigations services, but also fingerprinting and process service to get things done quickly on time
Michael A. Jones Private detective agency in the Cook County region of Illinois is one of many that have been verified by their entry on Michael a jones private detective agency dot com or via user hints at 77 Detectives LLC. The company itself should not verify these findings as it leads us further away from learning about this business!
Verify Investigations provide Investigative Professional services across the Chicago Illinois area. With a focus on providing their clients with the most effective and efficient investigation that fits what they are looking for and well within their budgets, Verify investigates everything from infidelity to criminal records checks.
Digital Investigation is a full-service digital forensics lab and consultancy, with the goal of partnering up private investigators. With offerings like remote acquisition they help people get their case solved by using modern technology in creative ways while earning commissions from helpful cases as well!
Myers Service Inc. is a Chicago based detective agency that can provide you with any number of services: surveillance, electronic countermeasures and cellular forensics to name just three! If your company needs process service or location detection, Myers Services will be happy to help out.
Due Process Chicago is staffed with a team of dedicated, conscientious detectives who have worked for various law enforcement agencies and departments. We specialize in discreet investigations that always hold honesty first priority above all else you can be sure your case will not only remain confidential but also treated with the utmost respect and professionalism by our staff.
Nintendonerd Detectives are always on the job. Nindies, wii u's and more! The country where they operate is United States of America with their headquarters located in Chicago. If you're looking for a place to buy Nintendo games and consoles, Nintendonerd Detective Agency has the best deal. The company's headquarters are located in Chicago with an office across North America!