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List of the Top Day Care Center in Chicago

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At Kids Future Day Care Center we promote moral, emotional and intellectual independence in our children. We empower them to make choices for themselves while encouraging a natural learning environment where they feel safe enough to explore their world without the restrictions of parents or school systems telling them what is right and wrong all day long!
The Learning Center's goal is to improve the quality of life for adults living in North Lawndale and Little Village. We support them on their educational path so that they can more confidently live as well-educated individuals, with effective knowledge bases. Little Village communities that provides services to assist adults with educational needs.
Kids Work is a company that takes pride in their work to create an environment for children where they can thrive. They believe hands-on, experiential learning with the whole child will provide future success and happiness through research based programs incorporating various educational theories while embracing it all!
Top Daycare Centers was founded in order to give parents an easy way of exploring all the daycare options across United States. Exploring every option used to be extremely time-consuming, requiring them only search through hundreds or sites and pages before they had even gotten close enough know what kind of care would work best for their children's needs - but now it has never been easier!

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At Kidslife Daycare Center, we believe that children are a gift from God. They're capable, active learners who construct their knowledge through exploration and investigation to become responsible members of society with creative problem solvers skills needed for life-long learning! The Life Of Learning Academy - always innovative & never afraid to try new things while still keeping safety first throughout all aspects.
U Chicago Child Development Center is a place where your child can explore their early educational passions with interactive activities that encourage imagination and 21st century skills. The STEM lab inspires an interest in science, technology engineering or math while teaching children healthy habits like yoga through physical activity in our movement zone!
Kimball Daycare strives to create a foundation in which your child can take their uniqueness with them into all aspects of life. With 35 years experience and an integrated approach, Kimball will work alongside you as we nurture every aspect of who they are created to be. Your exceptional abilities and strengths will be expanded by our carefully planned curriculum from dedicated staff members with excellent qualifications.
University Children's Center is one of five child care centers founded by Child Care Partners. Since 1980, we have served hardworking families in your community and hosted many milestones with them! We are now taking health and safety measures a step further to protect both staff members as well as those who depend on us for their children
In 2008, Lumiere Childrens Therapy during one of our first team assessments with a family that had a two-year old child. We joined the family in the treatment room for an evaluation and found out more about her medical background while playing games with them!
A-Karrasel is a Childcare Center where the care and education for each child are of utmost importance. During their early years, children need constant attention to promote growth in an environment filled with music library books art projects while also exploring sensory or science topics under expert guidance from trained teachers who understand what it takes at this stage!
Ravenswood Manor Child Care Center has a contemporary child development philosophy of education. A mix of engaging lessons help children intellectually, socially, physically or emotionally grow with the early aspects of Montessori pedagogy being integrated into the curriculum at various levels depending on what individual needs are met by each age group's programing.
Bright Horizons has been changing the world for 30 years. Way back in 1986, our founders saw that child care was an enormous obstacle to working parents and responded with solutions like providing on-site centers which is just one way we have helped whole organizations work better today.
The State of Illinois Child Development Center is managed by Early Child Care Services since 1992. We provide 2 snacks and a hot lunch daily, but we also have an outdoor playground on the premises that you can explore at your leisure! There are 3-2 full time staff members for each classroom and during the summer.
The Child Care Center is a throwback to the "sabatical volunteer" days of yore, when parents would leave their kids with friends or relatives for an afternoon. It provides loving care and high-quality early childhood education in toddler programs through kindergarten graduations (or summer sessions).
Teddy Bear Day Care Centers opened in 1973, and continue to serve Chicagoland with top-quality care for children from infancy up through preschool. Each year our centers provide over 500 children full day supervision before/after school care, infant and toddler playtime & summer camp excitement! We offer daily nutritious meals including breakfast hot lunches and healthy snacks.