Top Box Lunch Supplier in Chicago - 2021

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List of the Top Box Lunch Supplier in Chicago

Did you know that CBA have over 100 hot sandwiches to choose from? If it’s got meat, cheese, and veggies in there then we’ve probably tried it. We’re always experimenting with new recipes so make sure you come back for your chance to try our latest recipe!

Tokyo Lunch Box & Catering is a company that specializes in providing the highest quality sushi for their customers. This practice may be where people first started eating sushi which has evolved tremendously from centuries ago when they were preserving fish into what we know today as an art form of its own!

Chicago Lunchbox is a delicious Vietnamese truck that brings an old-fashioned, yet modern twist to the Chicago streets. This food truck comes from restauranteur John Nguyen’s authentic background and his own appreciation of Asian flavors like spicy mayo sandwiches with summer rolls on top!

For over 20 years, Food First Chicago has been dedicated to providing top-quality catering services for businesses both big and small. What sets us apart from other companies is our lasting relationships with clients as well as professionalism and dedication to quality service that you can rely on every time!

Greek Kitchen offers a fast-casual experience with several locations in the Chicago, IL area. Greek food is an original and authentic cuisine for those who want to add some spice into their life! Dining in or carry out are both available at select restaurants but catering services, delivery options as well as outdoor patios can be found on all of them!

Happiness Chinese Restaurant provides the most authentic, tasty and affordable Asian cuisine in Chicago. The convenient location of our restaurant makes it a natural choice for dine-in or take out meals to Bridgeport locals. Happiness is also known for its varied taste with fresh ingredients that will surely make your mouth water! Come try our delicious food today !

Al Yusuf Catering Services is a catering service that focuses on industrial catering. They believe in providing food of the utmost quality and flavor to their clients which allows them to give back time for those who need it most, like seniors living with disabilities or children too young to attend school regularly.

Family owned and community focused, Jason’s Deli serves guests at 275 delis in 28 states. The company has a lot of thought put into their food with healthy ingredients being the focus for every dish created. Trustworthy partners are used to get wholesome vegetables from all over the country so that they can make dishes come alive!

Alonti Catering Kitchen has been feeding people at work in Texas, California, and Illinois for more than 25 years. They employ a full-time staff of chefs who specialize on everything from breakfast to lunch to dinner. Alonti is the only restaurant that operates inside some corporate buildings where employees can order food through their company’s cafeteria or online with no delivery fee!

Outside the Box Catering and Events Inc. offers a wide variety of catering services from full service to weekly meal prep for events such as weddings, baby showers, birthdays or office parties. Give us a call 708-577-4272 or email at [email protected] today!

Apple Spice opened its first box lunch delivery and catering company in 1988. Known for baking rye bread to perfection over his lifetime of service, he shared with Apple Spice founders that hard work looks like running one’s own business while maintaining integrity at all costs–a philosophy they have carried forward since day 1!

Quiznos is an affordable, fast food restaurant that provides customers with healthy sandwiches. People can eat Quiznos for lunch or dinner and can also order the cheap-eats on their way home from work to satisfy cravings in a hurry. Some of our specialties include: Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich, Italiano Grinder, Chipotle Chicken Salad Wrap (vegetarian), Black Forest Ham & Swiss Club sandwich (turkey).