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List of the Top Book Publisher in Chicago

The Networlding process can be used to generate more than a million dollars for companies as well as provide leadership opportunities. As the CEO of Success Resources, Melissa Wilson created and published “Networking: The Definitive Guide” which became an international bestseller in over 20 languages with over 600 reviews on Amazon alone!

Publisher Services is a specialized division of Bar Code Graphics, Inc. They are one of the largest channel partners in the U.S.-based ISBN agency and have been involved with item identification and bar codes since 1974 when they helped create printing specifications for UPC symbols. In 1988 Publisher Services began assisting publishers by providing them with an international standard known as International Standard Book Numbers (ISBN).

Emet Publishing, a multi-location publishing company based in Chicago and operating across the United States, has published over 100 books to date. The writing produced by Emet’s authors includes works of fiction as well as nonfiction texts on topics ranging from children’s literature to poetry for adults.

Lindenmeyr Book Publishing is a company that covers the books of authors and publishers. It was founded in 1940 by Ronald Lindenmeier, who wanted to combat writer’s block with their own insurance policy for getting published. The company has since expanded its services from just publishing to things like printing.

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