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List of the Top Body Piercing Shop in Chicago

Archer Tattoo has been around since 2000 and they aim to provide a clean, safe tattoo experience. The friendly staff will help you achieve the body art of your dreams with their modern safety standards that keep every client feeling respected and cared for through each step of an enjoyable process.

Lucky Star Piercing is a tattoo studio that offers jewelry and piercings. They offer body piercing, fashion jewelry, accessories, as well as consultations for people who want to know more about their options. Whether you are looking into getting pierced or just browsing around the store they have something for everyone!

Chi-Town Tattoo & Body Piercing is worth checking out because they have a plethora of artists to choose from who specialize in every style imaginable. They are open seven days week for those looking to be tattooed and pierced by professional, experienced artists.

Greetings! Happy Dave here, Hi. I’m a Professional Career Piercer for the last 20 years and have worked at Ink Spot Tattoo in Melrose Park IL 60160 since its opening day on December 3rd of 2005. I get to provide my clients with not only an experience but also true passion through quality trade as much if not more than me!

Chicago Ink Tattoo offers custom tattoos, piercings and microdermals for a unique experience. Browse through our gallery to find the perfect tattoo design or piercing that matches your style! Chicago is full of amazing artistry which can be seen in all its forms scattered throughout the city. It’s not just one artist at work.

Pink Rhino Tattoo is a tattoo studio that has been in the industry for 20 years and strives to create unique experiences. Whether you are looking for a new body piercing, traditional tattoos or beautiful lettering, Pink Rhino Tattoo will offer your best experience with our talented professional artists who have mastered various styles of ink artistry.

Chicago Tattoo has been providing the essential need for tattoos and piercings since 1973. Originally opened in a different location, Chicago Tattoo is now located on 1017 W Belmont Ave which was established as an upscale townhouse gallery to please all of their customers who walk through these doors looking for services that give them true satisfaction.

Royal Flesh Tattoo & Piercing has a team of custom and cover up tattoo artists. Each artist approaches the art as if they will never do it again, paying attention to placement, size of tattoos and color choices with crisp lines that make every piece perfect.

The Chicago-based company, Fundamental is hiring! They are looking for someone to join their piercer only studio. This position will involve client interaction (greeting people upon arrival and helping them choose jewelry), inventory management (ordering supplies and receiving/counting inventory) as well as cleaning the facility including mopping & dusting, polishing jewelry cases, organizing showcases.

At Twisted Tattoo, our top priority is to create a safe and clean environment for every client. From the moment you walk in until your session ends, we will make sure that you are comfortable throughout the entire process so it doesn’t feel like work at all. There’s never been an opportunity where someone walks out of this studio without feeling excited about their new tattoo design!

Ageless Arts Tattoo and Body Piercing has been at the forefront of quality tattoos & body piercing in Chicago, Oak Park surrounding suburbs since 2002. Bring it into one of our studios to walk out with that new ink or get pierced by any artist here who is qualified for whatever needs doing on you.

Identity Body Piercing is Chicago’s premier professional body piercing studio. We offer excellent services from the moment you walk in our door, whether it be a piercing or custom jewelry order–we’re here to make sure every customer leaves with something they love!

Ageless Arts Tattoo and Body Piercing is one of Chicago’s oldest tattoo shops. The shop has been at the forefront of quality tattoos for over 15 years, as well as body piercings since 2002. All their artists are highly experienced with drawing your next design or getting you inked even faster if you already have a design on hand!

At Inkhart Tattoos and Body Piercing, we offer a variety of services to suit all tastes. No matter what you need for your body art needs – tattoos, piercings or tattoo removal- our team is made up of professionals who will produce quality work in an atmosphere that suits your desires. Contact us today!

Apocalipsis Tattoos was established since 2001 with their main goal being “to provide clients with quality tattoos at an affordable price.” Their staff consists of some of the best talent for both traditional and modern styles so no matter what type or design you’re looking for they’ll find it. What’s more? With all these wonderful benefits Aponalpsi even offers piercing services as well!

Iris Piercing Studios is a company that has been providing the best piercings for their clients since 2005. They employ experienced piercing artists who are all members of the Association of Professional Piercers so you know they’re qualified to do the job right! All jewelry offered at Iris Piercing Studios comes from only top quality suppliers and we carry every type imaginable, including navels, nipples and more!