Top Architectural Designer in Chicago - 2021

LAST UPDATED 27 Sep, 2021
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List of the Top Architectural Designer in Chicago

dSPACE Studio is a design firm that has been making waves across the Midwest with their new designs. The company’s projects include large-scale renovations and brand-new structures, all of which are rooted in creativity. It only seems right to find architects like these tucked away in Chicago – an area known for its diverse history of architectural uprisings.

PMPC Architects is a full service design firm that takes on all kinds of projects. Whether you are looking to create the most beautiful home or office, they have someone for you! They strive to maintain an atmosphere where everyone can learn and share ideas with one another in order to help their clients grow as well.

Fitzgerald Architecture and Design LLC is a Chicago-based architecture firm that believes in designing commercial environments that inspire innovation and energy by enhancing the experience of people who work, live, or do business there. They specialize in the creation of engaging commercial environments that are designed to inspire innovation, creativity, and energy – one project at a time.

Red Architects is a full service architectural firm that specializes in completing over 5000 projects. In the past, they have completed single-family home remodeling and commercial ventures; however, recently their designs are becoming more complex with landmark renovations to fit into residential communities. They specialize in small scale house additions or porch repairs too!

HKS Chicago is a design company established in 2011 that provides award-winning services to the health, commercial and residential markets. As an organization which believes that design should improve people’s lives by making them healthier, HKS collaborates with community organizations such as the Chicago Public Schools and Illinois Green Alliance through its WELL gold certified office space designed for sustainability purposes.

Senga Architects is a Chicago based quality modern architecture firm that creates spaces to their best form for the client. At Senga Architect’s collaborative design process it easy to talk with them through your ideas which generate creativity and create an environment where everyone can be fully satisfied by the end result.

IR Design, Inc. is a firm that specializes in architecture and design services for small to large scale projects around the Chicagoland area. They have been licensed to provide these professional services since 2012 and are constantly looking into new opportunities like photography or graphic designs with their wide array of talented architects and designers on staff!

site design group, ltd. was founded in 1990 as a collaborative firm with backgrounds ranging from licensed landscape architects to engineers and planners. The company is committed to leading the way on sustainable initiatives by continuing its tradition of excellence through creativity and innovation for each project that comes their way.

JGMA is a Chicago-based architecture and design practice committed to thoughtful, collaborative work that impacts peoples’ lives. We understand the unique power of our profession in shaping civic life; this informs how we approach projects at all scales for both public and private clients.

Studio Spicuzza is a full service Interior Design Firm specializing in residential and commercial interiors. Their office, located in Chicago’s Merchandise Mart (which affords them direct access to high-end design showrooms that showcase new products each year) has over 25 years of experience with Principal Martin Spicuzza designing private residences, corporate headquarters, and more.

Atchison Architectural Interiors creates spaces that are timeless, stylish and chic. By incorporating the best of traditional elements with contemporary touches these interior designers can create a space perfect for any personality or lifestyle – modern to elegant to cozy. Modern designs fill the home of architect, Jean Atchison.

Joel Berman Architecture & Design, Ltd. is a Chicago-based architectural firm that has been creating innovative designs for all types of buildings since 1995 with freehand 3D sketches and digital modeling software like Building Information Modeling (BIM). They have designed retail stores, restaurants, bars and taverns to multi-unit residences in addition to capital studies.

BURHANIDESIGN is an architecture and planning firm that creates efficient, liveable spaces with sustainable features. We are one of the few eco-friendly firms in Chicago to offer a holistic approach for owner/developers as well as end users who can reap benefits from our services.

Moss is a full service architecture and urban design studio founded in 2008. We provide architects, planners, designers as well as engineers to assist our clients through the entire building process from site selection and design till permitting or construction for residential projects like hotels that require custom furniture pieces.

Chipman Design is an innovative firm in the restaurant, retail and hospitality markets. Founded by Albert B Chipman over 50 years ago as one of the first professional practices devoted to commercial planning and design, John formed Chipman Design Architecture in 1979 with just 3 staff members.

Partners by Design are experts in their field with creative vision who have built some of America’s most impressive buildings while remaining committed to sustainability principles like green building certification (LEED) as well as long term energy efficiency measures such as natural lighting strategies. The company will work closely with you on every detail: they’re collaborative team members always eager for new challenges!