Top Addiction Treatment Center in Chicago - 2021

LAST UPDATED 24 Sep, 2021
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List of the Top Addiction Treatment Center in Chicago

The Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation has been around for over 65 years and offers a range of treatment, healthcare, research programs. The foundation is singularly focused on the problem of addiction with 17 sites nationwide and one in California specifically designed to meet the needs of women who are going through tough times due to alcohol abuse.

Kenmore Center for Addiction of LSSI out-reaches to the less fortunate with their “Healthy Start Recovery Home” program. This first step in addiction recovery is tailored specifically for women and provides a safe, secure environment as well as resources needed like employment coaching, child care services, transportation assistance – all at no cost!

The staff at PSI Drug Rehab Center in Chicago embodies the understanding that every person who enters their facility is a unique individual deserving of unconditional respect, objectivity and professionalism. This fundamental idea guides all they do. Each person who comes to PSI for drug rehab deserves respect and professionalism. We focus on each individual, showing them the unconditional love we have in us!

Rosecrance is a hospital that offers services for substance abuse and mental health treatments. They strive to create hopeful, supportive environments in order to give their clients the best opportunity of getting better. With locations across Chicago, northern Illinois and central Illinois as well as Wisconsin or Iowa they are truly providing help all around our nation!

At Drug and Alcohol Treatment Help-Center, we offer a safe environment where you can explore your addiction in an open atmosphere. We’ll help you develop healthier behaviors so that one day soon the only thing occupying space in your life will be sobriety.

The intervention process can be messy, but it is nevertheless worth the effort. The family has to feel empowered for any of this to work out well. Knowing when and how best to intervene will help everyone in getting on board with a change that’s desperately needed–especially if they’ve been worn down by years filled with hurtful behaviors from someone too close not just emotionally but physically as well.

Gateway is a recognized leader in evidence-based treatment proven to get results. Our experts, including highly educated clinical and medical professionals and expert psychiatrists/nurses deliver care that never stops because they draw from science and research-based models, practice innovative treatments across an entire continuum of care for patients with dual diagnosis needs.