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LAST UPDATED 21 Apr, 2024
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List of the Top Body Piercing Shop in Denver

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IRIS Piercing Studio and Jewelry provide only the highest quality body jewelry, clean technique, friendly care and excellent service. We pride ourselves in giving the best experience with a comfortable atmosphere as well as stylish environment. They are friendly to their customers' privacy so they can have time alone without being interrupted from other people who work there!
Sol Tribe is a network of conscious souls committed to the cultivation and empowerment of oneself, our communities, and planet. We aim to come into higher self while healing ourselves from all that holds us back returning into love we are in New Earth consciousness.
Ivy Noir Piercing & Jewelry provides all of your quality body piercing and jewelry needs! We only use high-quality pieces made from the best manufacturers in our industry. With a large selection to choose from for fresh piercings, you can always count on us when it comes time for healing.

Frequently Asked Questions About Body Piercing Shop

You should look out for hygiene and cleanliness where you’re in search of a body piercing shop. It is a good sign that you’re probably going to be attended to with safe procedures and they’ll also put hygiene first when giving you a piercing. Also, check that they’re licensed and they’ve got a certification. There are different certifications and you can ask if they are APP-certified or if they also have a Bloodborne Pathogen Certification and/or a First Aid/CPR Certification. Experience will also matter as it lets you know you’re working with a professional who knows what they are doing. Just seeing that the body piercing shop is clean and nice is not enough to suggest they’re going to give you the best possible safe service. Consider checking if they have an autoclave for sterilization of their tools. Lastly, ask for a fee and book an appointment.

The cost of piercings at a body piercing shop usually varies depending on the type of piercing you want to get. There are different types of places where you can get piercings and the most common ones are the nose, ear, lip, eyebrow, navel, tongue, and daith. The prices for all these kinds of piercings differ and they range from about $30 to $60 generally. Most body piercing shops also give you a list of prices for pieces of jewelry and the fees usually start from around $30 and could go higher up depending on what you want.

Though there is no scientific evidence to back the claim, some people believe that daith piercing helps with anxiety. A Daith piercing is located at the innermost fold of the ear and it is believed that it can help deal with anxiety-related migraines. This type of piercing targets the vagus nerve, a long nerve extending from the bottom of the brain to the rest of the body, through pressure points in the ear believed to deal with headaches.

First and foremost is to understand the risks associated with piercings. Usually, piercings come with risks and it is very important to understand these things before putting yourself in that situation. Choosing a professional place can also help you in reducing your chances of getting exposed to one of those risks. Asides from knowing the risks, you also have to be sure about the place you want to get your piercings. Make sure they are professionals and can do the work well while making sure you’re not exposed to any risks or any problems. Next up is hygiene and lifestyle. Some piercings need more care than others and as such you need to take not of them. Not only for you but it is important that that the piercing shop also has good hygiene. It’s only normal that you’ll have to make some changes when you have gotten some particular kind of piercings. Some will require you to be more careful with certain activities, while others will just make you not be able to do some things again or at least enjoy them.

Just like the name implies, a body piercing shop is a place where individuals who would like to get a piercing can get it done for a fee. Piercings are body modifications made to selected parts of the body by puncturing or piercing that part of the body and having jewelry worn or inserted. At a body piercing shop, they put in place and go about the piercings by using some precautions aimed at helping both the piercer and the person who wants to be pierced.

Stay Local Tattoo and Body Piercing: A body artist establishment in WheatRidge CO. Formed in 2011 by Loc Dawg Productions LLC. We are proud to be open and hope we can entertain you with some super sweet art work. Please let us know if we can help out in anyway with a specific design or planing out a piece!

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At mile high obgyn ,we make sure everyone who walks through those doors feels welcomed from top priority employees down; as well as by providing an atmosphere filled wit equal parts professionalism and compassion . It's not just about getting pregnant
The Blue Door Tattoo is a great place to get tattoos, piercings and henna. The artists are very skilled in what they do! You can also find some art work there as well as other items such jewelry, aftercare products like Neora and nail strips from ColorStreet which make the perfect combination with their services!
Bound By Design has been in the business of giving clients nothing but best services since 1993. The company is certified to provide single-use tattoo and piercing needles, making its instruments safe for use by customers. Bound By Design also prides itself on being a fully health board inspected studio with expertise that ensures quality workmanship to all its customers!
Tribe Tattoo is Denver's leading creative tattoo shop, piercing studio and art gallery. Understanding the importance of community, tribe and culture - John Slaughter opened Tribe Tattoo on April 15th 2001. As a client at this professional environment you will receive personal attention that is unmatched by any other local businesses!
Fortune Cookie Tattoo is located in Downtown Denver just two blocks from the 16th Street Mall. We are only a short walk away from the Convention Center and a light rail ride away from The University of Denver ( DU ) and we're right close to Auraria Campus, too!
The Besties Ice Cream Truck is the perfect way to bring satisfying sweet treat flavors home with you. This fully equipped ice cream truck comes complete with everything needed for an unforgettable experience, including all of your favorite toppings and sprinkles at their finest frequencies!
At MOD Body Arts, we have more than twenty-five years of combined industry experience to provide you with a personal and safe tattooing or piercing experience. We believe your body modification should be creative, comfortable, welcoming for all people regardless of their background. We will provide you with a positive and safe experience that is welcoming, comfortable, and non-judgmental.
Certified Tattoo Studios is a rapidly expanding, so we're open and ready to hire artists of all disciplines. However, our team shares something in common: they are incredibly talented at their specialities. Whether you work exclusively with black ink or strictly color; traditional tattoos or unconventional ones-we'd love to hear from you!
Planet X Tattoo & Supply was founded by Seth Iniguez in 2012. The staff at Planet X Tattoo and supply look forward to the opportunity of sharing their body art skills with Aurora and Denver area customers! They offer custom tattoo design, piercing services (including piercings for specific parts), jewelry, autoclave equipment rentals as well as consultation always free-of-charge.
Endless Ink Tattoo & Piercing in Denver since 2010 by a Dynamic Duo and have been killin' the Mile High City ever since. The shop has been voted Denver's Best Tattoo Shop, with exceptional tattoo artists that specialize in Custom tattoos of all styles: Japanese, Full Color, Portraits, Watercolor Photo-Realism Biomechanical Tribal Ancient Surrealist Black & Gray Neo Traditional Dot work!
Sage Piercing offers professional custom body piercing, body modification and fine jewelry in conjunction with Think Tank South Tattoo in downtown Littleton, CO. Just like the name implies -- committed to providing you with sage advice about your new tattoo or any other piece of art that may be on display at their studio.