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List of the Top Yoga Instructor in Los Angeles

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Exhale, LA Yoga & Wellness is the perfect solution for you if your looking to get away from it all. Our classes are designed with any level of experience in mind and we will customize a class specifically tailored towards what works best! Whether its yoga or meditation; relaxation techniques like reiki or massage - Exhale has something that will suit everyones needs (and budget).
Root 2 Rise Yoga is the perfect way to find your inner peace. The classes are held in nature, which provides an unparalleled atmosphere for finding tranquility and connecting with yourself on all levels--individuality as well as togetherness at once!
Hatha Yoga is a system of postures that work with the body and mind to change how you think, feel or experience life. It's been around for centuries because it works! Practice this profound science by opening up your energy centers in order achieve higher levels of wellbeing--magic will happen when they're open from within."
The 200-hour Yoga Alliance certification is a rigorous learning experience that will teach you all the things your teachers never did. With Shana's help, we'll work from basics on up so she can make sure everyone walks out prepared and confident in their abilities to teach intelligent classes for any level of student!

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When you think of a yoga instructor, it's hard not to imagine the stereotypical image: long flowing hair and an earthy tone-of voice. However this couldn't be more wrong for Laura who has brown curly locks that she ties into two braids while teaching at clients in jeans or sweatpants!
Tony G's yoga and movement classes are a journey of both knowledge, intensity and sweetness. His big heart lend him compassion as he weaves biomechanics theory into the practice for students on every level to take with them through life
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 Los Angeles
Established in 1976, Mary is passionate about teaching people how they can use Yoga as a tool for self-transformation. From increasing physical strength and flexibility to learning mental discipline through relaxation techniques that will help you deal with life's challenges more positively - all classes are designed by experts who have been there themselves!
With our home base in the great city of Los Angeles, CA we are a dedicated team of yogis on a mission to spread ancient Indian yoga traditions through the community. Yoga is more than just an exercise program
I've been fortunate enough to teach in a variety of settings, with varied needs and populations. From teaching yoga classes on the streets or at corporate wellness events - my aim is always the same: To help people feel comfortable being who they are!
Anna Owsian is a holistic Yoga Alliance member, wellness professional and founder of the Exclusive Private yoga house studio in West Los Angeles. Anna's European-born with roots from Poland but has lived her whole life here as an American citizen; she brings together these two cultures into one melting pot through flowing movement that leaves you feeling fully relaxed minute after class!
Power Yoga is an amazing workout for the body and mind. It offers a variety of classes, including some you won't find anywhere else! If there's one thing Bryan knows how to do it's yoga - which he defines as both masculine qualities like strength (yang) or feminine ones such as gentleness (yin).
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 Los Angeles
Caroline Klebl, PhD learned the Ashtanga Yoga method from Sri K Pattabhi Jois over a 9 year period. With training in Tibetan Buddhism and prior work as both an avid snowboarder and vegetarian chef she has since taught yoga around Europe, Africa Asia Central & South America with her favorite styles being Iyengar (traditional) Viniyoga Pancha Karma Sanskrit Philosophy of Ayurveda at its foundation!.
As a yoga instructor, I strive to bring people more in touch with their spirit while calming the mind and strengthening body. My classes are adjusted so students of all levels can practice at an optimum pace that is comfortable for them as well provides clear instructions on how they should be doing poses or adjustments hands-on help where needed!
Chakra 5 offers yoga and meditation classes by appointment, on location at businesses throughout the greater Los Angeles area. The studio is a great place for people who have never practiced before or are discouraged from doing so because they're tired of crowded studios with crazy schedules that don't allow enough time in the day (at least not if you want any semblance of sanity!).
Our wonderful community, clean and spacious studios, and high-level instruction is better than ever with more ways to build strength and flexibility. Whether you prefer the challenge of practicing indoors or outdoors we have classes for every level from beginner yogis who want their first time on a mat as well as experienced students looking to fly through poses without stopping - all at affordable prices too!