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List of the Top Used Furniture Store in Los Angeles

Open now in Glassell Park! Focused on giving back and making our local community a place of love, peace & joy. We specialize in quality used clothing for men women children as well as household items such as furniture or toys; your choice at this location will always help someone somewhere else get their needs met too- so come see us today (or any day)!

Organizations are providing people with a variety of spaces that support their work. We know the workplace is constantly evolving and needs change as individuals’ lifestyles do too, but our core beliefs stay true to create great employee experiences through understanding people first-hand while thinking about technology in an interconnected way.

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With a commitment to making things better, we created Loveseat. We are husband and wife team – dubbed the ‘Team Awesome’. While preparing for our cross country move from Philadelphia to San Diego (which is no easy feat), we realized just how difficult it can be when you’re looking at selling furniture or even worse-finding nice pieces that fit your budget!

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The year was 1931. On a corner lot on Santa Monica Blvd, our Grandfather Robert Wertz founded Wertz Brothers Furniture with the vision that he could continue generation after generations of his family into this new era – now taking up 4 locations throughout Los Angeles area by 1994 when Mike and Larry Jr purchased it from their father who had started out running just one store way back then!

Our passion for Italian furniture comes from our deep respect and understanding of its true artisan craftsmanship. This is because we have been working with this particular kind for generations, skills that can’t be matched by automated machinery; it takes years to learn what must be done in order make such elegant pieces perfect each time out on the floor or off!

Modern Resale is the only place you can find modern design classics. We specialize in procuring and selling recent, classic designer furniture pieces so that when buying through us your purchase will be durable heirloom quality with recognized pedigrees – all at attainable prices!

Nick’s has been in the biz forever. Nick himself was born and raised right here, with over 20 years of experience under his belt shooting TV commercials for top models like Kim Kardashian or Jennifer Lopez to celebrities that come through town filming movies – even if they’re not actually from Hollywood! So why don’t you come on down today?

Children Charities Resale Store specializes in the sale of antiques. Specifically, we deal with Early American furniture and dining ware as well as discounted designer items like clothing or home decorations; additionally we carry a selection of antique books–some rare but all for reasonable prices compared to what you would otherwise pay at auction houses such baby boomers will find bargains on these collectibles here!.

Pepe’s was founded in 1988 by Jose and Raquel Mora. Initially a run-of -the mill thrift store, Pepe’s set itself apart from the competition by having great quality furniture pieces at fantastic prices. Now with its much larger space thriving on continuing to bring only items that we themselves would own while proudly displaying them for all visitors’ viewing pleasure come check out these unique finds!

CORT was founded 45 years ago with the idea that customers deserve to be treated like royalty. We are now one of America

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Check out our store, there’s always something new to see! Unlike traditional retail stores we get unique pieces that are one-of-a kind. Come in and find the perfect special chair or sofa for your home renovation project today before its gone forever; let us help you make it workable by customizing with upholstery services too if needed (just ask).

The Hernandez family has a passion for vintage furniture and they’re not afraid to show it. Whether you come in with questions or requests, each person here wants their customers feel welcomed when they walk through the door. With plenty of couches available as well as tables from which browsing can begin at any time–the perfect match may already be waiting just around that corner!

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We started Sunbeam Vintage as just a couple of dreamers, looking to furnish their home with one-of-a kind pieces here in LA. It quickly turned into an obsession and before we knew it there were shelves stocked from top to bottom – all because these people felt like they could find something for everyone on our curated list!