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List of the Top Urologist in Los Angeles

With our affordable prices, excellent services and high quality care we are confident that you will feel comfortable throughout the process. We offer urgent medical attention for those who need it most as well as workers compensation information on how to file a claim with no out-of pocket expense when filing your paperwork correctly!

Service Focus

Keck Medicine of USC is dedicated to providing the highest level medicine in a caring environment. Keck Medical Center offers two hospitals that have been named

Leonard W. Liang, MD is a urologist who performs laparoscopic kidney tumor surgery and cutting-edge procedures for prostate conditions with his signature techniques that offer patients all the time they need for questions without making them feel rushed or uncomfortable.

Dr. Massachi’s practice offers a wide range of services for patients, including annual physicals and vaccinations from his expert staff who are trained in modern medicine techniques like digital x-rays or an EKG stress test that allow them to provide preventive care at its finest so you can stay healthy without worrying about your visit!

We offer a comprehensive, one-stop treatment facility for all situations related to the kidneys and bladder. We can address any variety of urologic conditions including but not limited too: hematuria (blood in urine), overactive Bladder or problems with urination; cystitis which leads many women into surgery after they have already tried everything else without success…

For over 30 years, the Advanced Urology Medical Offices has served as a trusted provider of quality urological services for patients all around Los Angeles. With locations in San Pedro and Redondo Beach to serve Culver City residents too–these clinics provide compassionate care with high standards that are unmatched by any other group on this side of town!

The UCLA urology department has been around for over 50 years, striving to be the best in its field. They are experts at finding cures and promoting wellness through education of patients about their condition as well as providing them with treatment options that will help lead healthier lives. The team members have worked tirelessly so you don’t need to suffer alone when your body goes wrong!

Dr. Babak Robert Bamshad is a leading urologist located in Beverly Grove, Los Angeles serving patients throughout the greater LA area with his expertise treating urinary tract infections and other conditions such as incontinence or enlarged prostate to those who have erectile dysfunction–among many more services offered at their clinic!

For over 50 years, the urology specialists at UCLA have continued to break new ground and set standards for patients suffering from these painful conditions. In collaboration with our esteemed researchers they are able tout treatments that include: bladder cancer (One out of four men will develop this disease), kidney stone sufferers among others like prostate cancer or sexual dysfunction in men/women .

Comprehensive Urology is led by a team of highly-trained and nationally recognized urologists who offer state-ofRthe art care in their patient centered office. The Beverly Grove community has been able to establish themselves as one the leading practices serving both males and females living within greater Bev Hills area, CA .