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LAST UPDATED 24 Jan, 2022
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List of the Top Tattoo and Piercing Shop in Los Angeles

Studio City Tattoo Los Angeles Body Piercing is a premier shop in the tattoo and piercing industry. We specialize in bringing you exotic professional ear piercings with gold jewelry, which we offer at competitive prices so that all can enjoy this great service!

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Established in 2014, Surreal Limit tattoo studio was founded by two friends who have a passion for art and tattoos. Surreal limit Tattoo Studio started out of sheer love for all things creative–two buddies with too much time on their hands but not enough money to fund this silly hobby!

The best tattoos come in black and gray, but also colors. A piercing is a great way to make an eye-catching statement for any occasion; dermals or implants can really spice up your look with some attitude. You’ll want smoke pipes too–those classy looking things on the end of them smokers’ cigarettes? Yeah they’re called “pipes.”

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The California Dream Tattoo is a world-renowned spot for artists to get their work done. From the first day, you can tell that this place knows what they are doing because of all the high quality equipment and skilled tattoos Artists here are just incredible!

The Experience Ink is your one-stop shop for all of those tattoos you’ve always wanted. We have professional tattoo artists who will do everything from traditional style to black and gray, or even beautiful realistic ones! No pushy sales here–we just focus on artistry in order-to provide customers with an interactive experience so they can be confident about their new ink before making any commitments.

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For those who want the best tattoo artists in town, we have a variety of options for you. Whether it’s custom work or just some simple cover-ups and color; our talented group can handle any request with ease! We also offer piercings so come see us soon before these spots fill up fast because there is no other place like ours around here.

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Established in 1974 by Charlie as the place to get tattoo work done at a reasonable price, this shop has been around for quite some time. In 1995 Frankie Ray apprenticed here after being inspired by how much quality he was able to provide while still keeping it fun and friendly with no attitude .

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Kiss Kiss tattoo has always had customer care as one of their top priorities; that means they’re open 24/7 no matter what time zone you find yourself in or how many tattoos someone might have already gotten across all five fingers thanks to us (and our talented staff!).

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We are family friendly. We do fundraisers several times a year for the underprivileged, police department and firefighters! Our work is to make people feel welcome in our tattoo shop by ensuring they have an amazing experience with us here at Why Not Ink Tattoo.

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Welcome to the best tattoo and piercing shop in town! We have a wide variety of supplies, so whatever your needs may be get with us today. You’ll find yourself feeling right at home here because our goal is always for you come back again (or bring friends too)!