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List of the Top Private Investigator in Los Angeles

Empire Pacific Investigative Services Inc., established in 1993 by three retired U.S. Federal Special Agents, offers a diverse range of investigative services individually tailored to our clients’ specific needs. Throughout its years of service, EPIS has enjoyed an enviable reputation based on dedication and commitment towards client satisfaction .

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At MCM Investigations, we are dedicated to maintaining our well-deserved reputation as a results oriented private investigative agency by way of commitment and diligence. We have unique resources that allow us creativity in solving cases for clients all across America!

Excell Investigations provides professional private investigation services throughout Southern California. With decades of experience, they can locate people or objects in any area with high-quality results for their clients who are looking to hire an experienced detective/detective sergeant (whatever is needed).

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Ken Childs, owner of Paramount Investigative Services has over 20 years experience working exclusively as a private investigator in Los Angeles. His team provides an unparalleled level of service and commitment to results for their clients whether you’re looking into the cheating habits on your girlfriend or boyfriend – Ken can help!

Since 1988, Katz Investigations has been providing private investigators with a variety of services. We have grown as rich in diversity and experience as we are committed to understanding the business and industry for each client while also helping them overcome any challenge that comes their way – call today!

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SBI is a private investigation agency based in Los Angeles that has been providing discreet and thorough services for over 80 years. The founders of S BI come from diverse backgrounds, combining their extensive history with half being retired law enforcement officers who achieved the rank Detective during their careers.

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We have the Best Private Investigators who specialize in everything from Digital Data Recovery to Infidelity Investigations. We also do background checks for individuals, as well as major criminal cases; our reviews speak for themselves and we

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SuperEye is a full-service private investigation agency that gets the job done. We have experience in all aspects of finding answers for our clients, from conducting comprehensive interviews to collecting physical evidence such as fingerprints and DNA samples–and we’re not afraid to get messy when necessary!

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Kinsey Investigations is the Los Angeles area’s leading private investigating company, with a focus on missing person

Tristar Investigation is a full-service detective agency with the 28 year track record of delivering first class investigative results in California and for clients worldwide. Whether you’re an individual who has never used our services, or someone in law enforcement–we provide both personal service as well professional touch that insures your needs are being served correctly 100%.

BLD Forensics is a leader in the forensic industry with an excellent reputation for integrity and attention to detail. We provide many services, such as embedded technology or Computer Forensics Investigation service that can be used throughout California. It seems like there are so many options when it comes down trying find someone qualified but at BLDForesbys we know you’ll get all your needs met here!

The experts at Worldwide Intelligence Network have been providing private investigation and bodyguard services for over thirty years. We are one of the best companies around, so it’s no surprise that we’ve won awards from Vogue to The New Yorker!

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Blue Systems International is a team of former state and federal law enforcement investigators with combined experience nearing 100 years. The private investigation agency has an over 50-year history in providing accurate results for their clients, reaching throughout the United States – both domestically as well as internationally if needed!

Los Angeles Detective Agency is a private detective agency in Los Angeles, CA. We offer the most comprehensive list of investigative services for all your needs – whether you’re an individual looking into workplace issues or business trying to defend itself from litigation risks; our company has got it covered!

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Drakonx is a premier, first-class international private investigation firm that specializes in confidential services. We are trusted leaders when it comes to closed protection and risk management solutions; our experience has given us the ability solve on time any client’s most critical problems with ease plus success!

Los Angeles private investigator services are exceptionally professional and all of our investigators will go out-of-their way to provide you with outstanding service, because it’s a wonderful feeling that we get when someone feels like my team made their life better. Our Los Angeles County PI can help in any investigation no matter how small or large the need may seem!

Expert Answers To Common Questions:

  1. Questions to ask a private investigator
  2. Is it worth it hiring a private investigator?
  3. Can a private investigator hack your phone?
  4. What are the common areas for private investigators?
  5. What does a private investigator do?
Questions to ask a private investigator

● Here are some questions you can ask a private investigator;
● How many years of experience do you have?
● Can you provide references?
● Do you have experience testifying in court?
● What are my fees?
● Do you specialize in my kind of case?
● What methods do you use to find information?
● Is there anything I would do during the process?

Is it worth it hiring a private investigator?

A private investigator is invaluable for several cases as they can make use of their methods to find the information you require. For example, when it comes to a court case where the witnesses are a no show, private investigators can help to find the whereabouts of the witnesses

Can a private investigator hack your phone?

A private investigator does not have permission to hack your computers or phones. They don’t have the consent to have tap phones unless they are working with a law enforcement agency that has this type of power. Asides from that, they’ll make use of other legal means to find information and go about their investigations.

What are the common areas for private investigators?

The most common areas where private investigators on are;
● Background Checks
● Surveillance
● Family Law Matters
● Infidelity Investigations
● Corporate Investigations

What does a private investigator do?

A private investigator is a professional who works for individuals or companies for the sole aim of finding information. They engage in different kinds of cases and work to help their clients find information, do background checks, interview people, among other things.