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List of the Top Modeling Agency in Los Angeles

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District Model and Talent Agency is a fast-paced Sag.Aftra agency that offers representation for newborns, toddlers, kids of all ages as well as families throughout Southern California! We're Hustlers with quick communication skills who take this industry seriously--so you should too!!
The modeling agency, Otto Models is always on the lookout for new faces. We represent women of all shapes and sizes - from fashionistas to fitness mavens; our clients can be sure that they're receiving only professional models at their finest!
Elite New York City is the original modeling agency. Founded in 1977 by founder John Casablancas, Elite redefined how models are seen and has always set trends within fashion industry with its representation of talented individuals like Linda, Naomi or Cindy to Gisele Bundchen . They continue this legacy today through empowering their talents while promoting diversity among other agencies who believe it's important too!
Q Management is a boutique modeling agency with global ambitions. In 1998, Q management opened its doors to New York City and launched an office that would soon become one of the strongest talent agencies in America - rivalling some pretty big names like ICM or William Morris Agency for size-matters!

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FORD Models is a modeling agency that has been around since the 1930s. The company was founded by Eileen and Jerry Ford, who were determined to establish an industry based on beauty rather than just success or fame for its models; as such he started his own business with this vision in mind - which would launch him into stardom himself!
Ryan has a passion for the modeling and talent industry. He's been working as an agent on the west coast, where he builds relationships with clients from some of America
Genetic Models Management is a premier boutique agency located in Los Angeles, CA. Established with the goal of providing models and clients outstanding service through our diverse team's experience throughout fashion & art industries--we've achieved success by scouring only preeminent talents!
Sirena Modeling Agency LA offers top models for over 12 years. We take pride and care to each selected model, ensuring they are given honest hard work with friendly service that applies equally between clients as well as our own talented staff members at SIRENA!
L.A. Models is the largest modeling agency on the West Coast and one of its most respected companies in America as well, with over 5500 models it represents working all across Hollywood including some big names like Miley Cyrus or Jennifer Lopez!
At The Dragonfly Agency, we don't just see your future. We make it happen! Our innovative and proactive approach to managing talent allows us the opportunity to develop models into international high fashion stars - by working tirelessly on their individual career path in an effortful marketing campaign that gets them work worldwide.
A new agency in the industry, Aston Models Inc. represents some of LA's top models and from around the world! We take pride ourselves for finding talent that will become successful models with help only a select few people because representation is limited at this time (we represent about 10 or so).
Manhattan Models understands that it can be difficult, and confusing to know where to start when modelling. We have been advising aspiring models for those we believe show potential in the industry - so if you're interested in becoming a model or just need some advice on your portfolio then let us help!
ZARZAR MODELS is a top modeling agency for women in the United States representing models across countless industries. The Zazar staff includes some of today's most sought-after ladies who have been featured on covers and inside major magazines such as Vogue, Elle Dessous Paris Fashion Magazine Japan May Issue 2017 etc.,
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 Los Angeles
Bella Agency was established in 2004 with the mission of representing a diverse pool of models and talent for print advertising. Providing an eyeful, Bella's NYC boutique house both fashion AND lifestyle divisions has made them one-of-a kind amongst their competitors who only offer solely lifestyles or clothes ads.
Fashion + Lifestyle Print & On Camera Beauty Agency. Based in Los Angeles, CA - are you looking to get the most out of your photos? Do they lack personality or creativity? If so we can help! Fashionable and fun for any event with our large selection of dresses on location as well as hair styles from whatever era suits YOUR taste best !!!
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 Los Angeles
Wilhelmina Models is one of the most prominent talent management agencies in today's world. Since its founding by Dutch supermodel Wilhelimina Cooper, it has earned its prestigious standing as an industry leader by providing full-spectrum model management for women and men alike across various industries like entertainers or fitness models while also maintaining relationships with hundreds local firms to find new talent on their own stage!
Closeup Models is the premier parts modeling agency in Los Angeles. We connect with production companies, advertising and casting agencies to provide you perfect models for your campaigns or projects! We're more than just a photo shoot; our goal is help bring your idea(s) alive through world-class talent that will make it happen on screen (and maybe off).
The OMG Team is made up of highly experienced agents. Most our team members have been models in the past, thus they can relate to our model on a personal level - this gives them first hand knowledge which helps us find new talent fast! We scout , develop & book fashion models with partner agencies and clients worldwide from Los Angeles all over Europe through Moscow or Amsterdam for example .