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Top Lymph Drainage Therapist in Los Angeles - 2024

LAST UPDATED 12 Jun, 2024
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List of the Top Lymph Drainage Therapist in Los Angeles

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Harmony Lymphatics provides post surgical recovery treatments at the comfort of your home in the greater Los Angeles, Ca area. Our experienced therapists bring their treatment tables, relaxing music and all other necessary supplies to make you feel as though we are right there with you during this time!
With a passion to heal the world, I have dedicated my life and career towards massage therapy. Everyday stress can take its toll on our bodies which is why it's important that we promote recovery through touch-andpressure relief as often as possible!
A good lymphatic system is essential to maintaining your health. When it functions properly, you will have more energy and find relief from common symptoms like bloating and congestion, recover faster from injuries or surgeries- thanks in part due to a rapid healing rate!
I have been using Manual Lymph Drainage to help my clients with a variety of conditions for over 20 years. The technique helps prevent and reduce fluid retention (edema), enhances the removal of toxins from body tissues, promotes wellness by causing natural release endorphins which has an analgesic effect on pain while supporting immune system function as well!

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LymphaRx is a company that offers quality and effective therapeutic services, such as cellulite therapy and lymphatic drainage. Our goal is to make sure everyone in Los Angeles has access to specialists who will place their needs first above all else with complete satisfaction for the service provided being one way Lymphas' can achieve this!
There are many benefits to a lymphatic detox, but the most compelling one is that it's an effective way of cleansing your body from inside out. The Tox Technique does this through natural processes which will leave you feeling lighter and more energized!
At Mapsse, we believe that a holistic approach to healing is necessary for your body and mind. The human spirit must not only work in sync with the physical aspects but also remain active throughout all phases of life; keeping you well- Adjusted at every stage!
The mind and body are very connected, so we call it Mindbody therapies. Our approach is the belief that both can be improved with holistic practices like massage therapy or yoga for example; addressing not just one but many levels: physical contact points on your skin as well mental states such as relaxation techniques.
I am a mobile massage therapist, certified manual lymphatic drainage therapist (Vodder Method), post-op & cancer exercise specialist in private practice since 2004. I offer sessions at your home or nursing home for professional care that you can trust with the San Fernando Valley's newest trend: "Post Op Lympho Drainage."
We all have the power to create our own wellness. Aquarian Wellness is here to help you on your journey by providing expert colonic hydrotherapy and detox methods that work for each individual client, including Prana energy cleansing and Reiki infusions of positive force from Light or Sound resonance therapies!
Get relief in the privacy of your own home or office with exceptional massage therapy. Get Mobile Spa and Massage Services that are tailored just for you! Whether it is L.A.'s South Bay Area, Orange County or San Fernando Valley - we will travel anywhere within Los Angeles county to provide healing touch on demand by appointment only at this time .
The lymphatic system is a network of tissues and organs that help rid the body of toxins, waste and other undesirable materials. Through unique techniques with high tech equipment our method reduces sizes quickly while toning muscles to boost your immune system! Results can be seen instantly- we're confident you'll love it as much we do.
Medically trained massage therapists in Los Angeles can help you live the best life possible. Maybe it's time for a medical massage? Medical massages have been shown to relieve pain and inflammation, improve range of motion as well as support good posture--all things that will make your day-to-day more comfortable!
At Emmanuelle Blanche, we believe that all silhouettes are beautiful and deserve to be shown off. Primarily the first of its kind in America, our mission is to help enhance your well-being by aiding detoxification for a cleaner skin tone with Palper Rouler's French manual technique!
The Method is a unique healing technique that takes place on multiple levels. First, it focuses on matters of the heart and then moves outward to heal your entire body. The multi-level approach includes tools like Reiki with its goal being natural relief from pain as well as mental clarity without drugs or surgery!
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