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List of the Top Laundry Service in Los Angeles

The Laundry Room is a self-serve coin operated laundromat that provides you with every washing and drying supply needed to wash just about any garment. We take pride in making sure your experience here at The Laundry Room will always be superb!

Sparkling Coin Laundry is a modern laundry with high-efficiency machines that can quickly wash and dry all of your clothes. They

Laverie is your personal laundry concierge dedicated to providing the highest quality service with an old world, personalized touch. We take pride in handling every laundered need and offer customized care as well as exacting professionalism for all clients – big or small!

The Sunny Cleaners Dry Cleaning Company in Los Angeles, CA is the best around. We offer a wide variety of additional laundry services including alterations of your clothes and shoes as well as reliable deliveries with pick-ups available to serve you better!

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L.L.C (Life Without Laundry Company) was born in the winter of 2009 by Alex Burns – a Boston-native who couldn’t stand to do his own laundry anymore! The LWLC story goes like this… We started back then, just outside where it all began: home town USA; and now we’re proud enough even have locations across two states from LA down through Beantown proper (business before pleasure!).

The Laundry Room of Atwater Village is located on Glendale BLVD in the vicinity of one of LA’s most popular neighborhoods, close to everything! It has new efficient washing machines and dryers that are equipped with card system where customers can receive a loyalty card for use at our laundromat.

Los Lavaderos Coin Laundries are a laundry in Los Angeles made up of laundromats that specialize exclusively on coins. These coin-specific machines have been strategically placed around the city for customers’ convenience, and can take various forms depending upon its location such as those found at banks or grocery stores with self carts where shoppers deposit their change after making purchases ( similarity ).

We are a newly remodeled self-service laundromat with four star rating on Yelp. Our machines operate using the latest card system technology, so there’s no need to use quarters anymore! There is always an attendant present who can answer your questions and make sure you have everything taken care of quickly – without any hassle whatsoever!

Laundry is The Place To Go For Top Notch Laundromat Services! A laundromat may not be the first place you’d think of when it comes to cleaning, but we have all sorts here and our equipment can take care any task from basic top-loaders up 8-loaded washers capable handling specialty items or those with an entire load.

310 Laundromat was purchased by a couple whose dream it became to open their own business. The first thing they did when taking over the reigns of this laundromat is replacing all older equipment with brand-new, high quality machines and making sure everything looked spic n’ span for customers who come in every day looking forward not back at what’s been here before them!

OrangeBag’s laundry service is a one-stop shop for all of your dirty clothes needs. You can have their cleaners pick up and deliver, or they’ll come to you! The only limit on how many bags they take at once? Your imagination – so go ahead, be messy because nobody likes washing dishes when it doesn’t need doing 😉

Automated Laundry Systems has been in the laundry business for over 40 years. We pride ourselves on our experience and know-how with all things coin or personal, including developing new card technologies. Our team of designers can answer any questions you have about equipment performance, maintenance schedules & requirements – even if they’re not related to your laundry needs!

Founded in 1924, Perfect Cleaners is run by Dave Suber and has two locations. The first location is located on West 38th Street (corner of Broadway) with the second outlet being at 1824 Walnut St., Kansas City MO 64108 – both places offer quality dry cleaning services for men or women alike!

We’re proud to say that Bee Organic is the only 100% toxin-free cleaner in Los Angeles. We use water based detergents for dry cleaning & laundry services, which are better on you, our customers but also better for natural resources like landfills because they don’t contain any harsh chemicals!

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Rosie Wash Express Laundry is the go-to spot for all your laundry needs. From washandfoldables to delicates, we’ve got you covered! I know what it’s like – no one wants their clothes coming back because they were too dirty or had some weird stain on them (no matter how small).