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LAST UPDATED 29 May, 2024
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List of the Top Land Surveyor in Los Angeles

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CaliLand Engineering is a dynamic Civil Engineering and Land Surveying consulting firm in the greater Los Angeles County. We satisfy Federal, State & Local Government Agencies as well as Private Developers who are looking for superior quality services at competitive prices - all while using state-of-the art engineering computer software!
TDR is a full service civil engineering and land surveying firm that's always looking to the future. We pride ourselves on being top of our game, both technologically-wise with 25 years experience as well as educationally by investing in continuing innovation while helping clients integrate new cost saving products into their workflow affordably and quickly!
Chris Nelson and Associates, Inc. offers southern California with a wide variety of land surveying services that will be sure to meet your needs for any project you might have. Our staff is highly trained in connection with boundary determination as well as ALTA title matters; aerial photogrammetric mapping using GPS technology or robotic methods if need-be - all at the highest standards expected by clients around Los Angeles County!
Voorheis and Voorhis is a leader in providing professional land surveying services. The gamut of our offerings ranges from private residential boundary surveys to construction layout for large scale multi-family projects, with an expert team ready at any time if you need help settling your property dispute or fight against malicious neighbor claims on their own land!

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We are a family owned land surveyor company that puts our customers first. We provide Los Angeles County and surrounding areas with the highest quality of professional surveying services, striving to be personable while being efficient in your time as well competitive for pricing on projects big or small!
Once you get your license, the world is at your feet. You can do anything in Land Surveying! Let us create an environment that promotes transparency and ease of communication for clients so we all benefit from this opportunity together as professionals who understand what it takes to complete any request with expertise - continuing education included no matter where or when needed just because every job matters equally.
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The possibilities are endless when it comes to Land Surveying. Let us create a work environment that is transparent, simple and based on flowing communication so we can complete any request with ease while continuing our education in collaboration from other professionals who also share these values!
Aztec Land Surveys is an exceptional land surveying company serving all of Los Angeles County. The team was founded by Mark Price in 2003, and they provide efficient survey services with the highest grade technology to both residential projects as well commercial ones; delivering a professional attitude throughout every process.
I/WS provides surveying and mapping services for both commercial projects as well residential. Understanding Southern California
Since 1958, Becker & Miyamoto has been providing Los Angeles County and surrounding areas with the highest quality surveying services. Over their long history they have developed trusted bonds in many clients that go back decades as well as some of LA's finest architects engineers contractors etc.. Please browse our site to see all types of projects we've worked on or plan your next one here!
Surveying and Drafting Services, Inc. is a professional Land Surveying Company that has been providing high-quality surveying services since 1996. Since then we have grown into one of Texas
Builoff Surveying & Mapping is an expert in land surveying, mapping service for all your needs. We specialize in residential and commercial properties alike but we also provide professional services to public agencies like county clerk's offices so you can find out how many square feet it would take before building permit fees!
As local land surveyors, we've worked hard over the years to acquire the respect and trust of private property owners. We provide fast professional service that can take on any task from an urban metropolis all the way out in rural areas where our clients are often working with very specific needs for their homes or business properties due t o unique circumstances such as vast deserts or redwood forests .