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List of the Top Kinesiologist in Los Angeles

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Dr. Ken Best, D-C has been a Los Angeles chiropractor and author for over 12 years. In his book "11 Best Ways to Face Life
PhysioCareCenter removes pain and injury by restoring symmetry to the skeletal structure through joint balancing movements. The Physiotherapist at this company is well versed in strength training, bodywork techniques that will increase performance as well as education for people who want more information about what they're doing or how it can help them out if their condition requires attention from a physical therapist
Dr. Stan Gale has been a chiropractor in Los Angeles for over 30 years and he knows that everybody wants more energy, vitality free of pain or concern but there are barriers to health few people know about which can lead them down the wrong path if not diagnosed quickly enough with no one else around who understands what you're experiencing except him!
Dr. Sands is the LA Sports Chiropractor and his office is conveniently located in Marina Del Rey, California near Los Angeles. Drs., staff members are committed to providing patient-centered healthcare for a variety of conditions including back pain relief from neck or shoulder problems as well!

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At Healing Chiropractic Clinic, Dr. Kevin S Hong and his team work together to provide the best care possible for patients of all types with pain relief or injury prevention in mind; it's not just about chiropractic adjustments but also includes other treatments like acupuncture and massage therapy which can help relieve chronic conditions while improving overall wellness too!
Dr. John G. Sherman is your trusted chiropractor in the West Los Angeles and Brentwood, CA area with over twenty years of experience as founder for Applied Kinesiology & Chiropractic Center ( Avalon BC) . In 2013 he acquired BAC To Health an extension to his existing practice which was founded on applied kineiotics or "the study into human movement using muscle testing."
Do you want to be an expert in the healing field? Become certified and learn how Applied Kinesiology can help people release chronic pain, gain more energy or just live healthier lives. We offer courses for professionals like massage therapists, chiropractors physical therapists holistic nurses acupuncturists personal trainers health coaches psychologists nutritionists .

The La Chiropractor

Service Focus
23% Spinal Manipulation
20% Exercises
50% Massage
Service Focus
23% Spinal Manipulation
20% Exercises
50% Massage
The LA Chiropractor is a comprehensive chiropractic practice that provides services to Marina del Rey, California and the greater Los Angeles area. Our doctors offer custom corrective care for people who live in pain with diminished balance or injuries from accidents--we've got you covered!
Your wellness is Dr. Lieberman's main focus and he will make it possible for you! His trusted, proven natural functional system (integrative medicine with alternative methods) helps people feel better by focusing on their level of wellness in the context of whole body rather than just isolated symptoms.
At the Los Angeles Center for Healing, Dr. Gormly is dedicated to helping individuals achieve and maintain the highest level of wellness possible by balancing their emotional, chemical structure with advances in Network Spinal Analysis (NSA), Thought Field Therapy (TFT) Nutrition counseling techniques known as "Applied Kinesiology."
A family chiropractic care clinic, BAC To Health offers comprehensive healing to help people recover from painful injuries or conditions. Our treatments include processes like applied kinesiology and cold laser therapy among others - all designed for your specific needs as an individual!
Dr. Lieberman uses his unique natural medicine method, which includes an integrative chiropractic kinesiology and nutrition response testing combination to help you get the care that is needed for your health needs now with a comprehensive holistic approach designed just for YOU!
West LA NeuroKinesiology is a chiropractic and functional neuro-kinesiology (Chiro with kinesiology) clinic that opened in 2018. Dr R'Kione Britton, over 10 years of experience solving healthcare problems by studying the nature of health without drugs or surgery has brought his combined power to heal people's pain through spinal decompression treatment techniques like laser therapy and high energy electrical stimulation which help "unfixable" cases as well!
At Body of Beverly Hills Wellness, patients are given the opportunity to heal from ailments ranging from back pain and joint problems all the way down to mild traumatic brain injuries. In addition they have access therapies that include therapeutic massage, acupuncture with cupping for facial treatment as well!
Los Angeles Center for Healing was founded in 1984 by Dr. Theresa Gormly, a chiropractor dedicated to exploring alternative healing therapies for the body and mind who has been practicing since 1970 with 40+ years of experience under her belt!
Our mission is to provide compassionate, cutting-edge care for painful conditions. We specialize in diagnosing and treating arthritis of the joints; neuropathy which affects your nervous system; as well as musculoskeletal pain caused by physical injuries or illnesses such at cancer treatment side effects.
Cool Breeze Chiropractic is a full service chiropractor in the heart of West Hills on Fallbrook Avenue, with more than 25 years experience treating men and women through professional care methods. My office offers everything to patients like x-rays or massage - ensuring they get personalized attention by me!
At Nurture Family Chiropractic, we know how important your time with us is. That's why it will be our priority to provide you the highest quality care in order that everything can happen at an efficient pace without sacrificing compassion or professionalism--which are central values for this office!