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List of the Top Investment Bank in Los Angeles

The Columbia Capital companies provide a full range of investment banking services to emerging growth and middle market, publicly traded or private ventures. We work with clients from ambitious individuals running start-ups in their garage through seasoned CEOs managing some of the world’s biggest brands; our goal is still always that same: To raise capital for you – your vision becomes ours when it needs molding into something more profitable!

After a decade in the business, we have built up expertise that is unparalleled. In fact our success rate for mid-market transactions surpasses any other firm by an astounding margin

Service Focus

Houlihan Lokey is one of the top accounting firms in America. With offices across North and South Carolina, HLI’s experienced team offers our clients comprehensive services for public companies as well as private equity groups navigating complex financial situations with personalized attention to detail that sets us apart from other accountants on staff at competing firms within each market we serve-

We don’t just want you to buy a business, we want the transaction to be a positive experience for your company. We strive in all of our work and transactions with clients by bringing urgency, discretion and integrity that will achieve these goals most efficiently – without cutting corners or sacrificing quality!

Loop Capital is a full service investment bank, brokerage and advisory firm that provides creative capital solutions for corporate entities across the globe. Our reputation for integrity coupled with our track record of success has allowed us to serve an expanding number clients from coast-to-coast.

Greif & Co., a quarter century in the business of merger and acquisition consulting has built an enviable track record for creating incremental value with their sharp negotiating skills. After all it’s no easy feat to create something new when you’re constantly faced against competitors who are also trying their hardest at every single turn!

Piper Sandler Companies is a leading investment bank driven to help clients Realize the Power of Partnership

GT Securities is a full service investment banking platform that specializes in raising equity (primary and secondary) for companies around the world. We also execute upon acquisition, divestiture or merger transactions with our industry expertise spanning nearly every type of company imaginable – from small startups to Fortune 500 behemoths!

Salem Partners is a global investment banking and wealth management firm. We use our judgment, objectivity, expertise to build relationships that generate long-term value for clients with whom we work closely over many years in order to create significant results – even when it’s hard!

Houlihan Lokey is a financial advisor that provides thoughtful and caring advice to top decision makers. The company’s goal as an investment bank, or “bank,” helps them achieve superior outcomes by acting with integrity while providing the best services possible for their clients’ needs across all industries – not just those involving finance.

AGRA Capital is a boutique investment bank with an entrepreneurial and creative approach. We pride ourselves on providing the best service for our clients by leveraging both large firm expertise as well as small company mentality that allows us to be more nimble in order achieve success together .

Imperial Capital is more than just a law firm. They offer expert advice and services for all your capital needs: public offerings, IPOs (initial public offers), mergers & acquisitions; private placements in everything from debt instruments to equity interests with various structures like bonds or notes as well as stocks .

When you engage Trinity, we

Barclays Corporate and Investment Bank is a global leader in consulting, financing and risk management solutions. The agency specializes with large corporate clients as well as governments around the world to help them innovate or grow for success now at what may otherwise be risky times ahead!

Intrepid Investment Bankers is a specialty investment bank that provides M&A, capital raising and strategic advisory services to middle-market companies across various industry sectors. We have found success because we understand every client’s entrepreneurial passion – driving them relentlessly towards their goals in the market with uncompromising execution skills .

Venegas Capital is a global Investment Banking and Investing Firm that provides financial services to corporations, individuals, and institutions. The team at Venegas has over 50 years of experience in diverse industries with their shared commitment towards you – our clients or investors!

Cappello Global, LLC offers an unrivaled level of expertise and experience to its clients. The firm was founded over 47 years ago by a team that has advised both public and private companies in America’s middle market as well as global corporations spanning many industries all around the world – including finance without borders for initiatives like trade agreements or cross-border mergers & acquisitions worth billions upon billions dollars!

Kerlin Capital Group is a private investment bank committed to providing discreet, trusted advice and transaction services across the broad range of industries. Founded by William Doyle in 1994 for executives who want long term relationships with their advisors; Kerleins’ focus on maintaining client confidentiality sets them apart from other financial institutions which may not practice such discretion when it comes time for investments or sales transactions .

The Barclays Investment Bank is a company engaged in the banking and financial services industries. It has operations all over the world with different types of clients, including large corporations to consumers–a perfect example would be their presence on your campus as one if many tenants (or even landlords) for student housing!