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LAST UPDATED 2 Oct, 2023
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List of the Top Interior Designer in Los Angeles

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My work is a mix of traditional and modern design. I don't confine myself to any one style, but rather am inspired by different periods in time as well as cultures from around the world (especially Latin American). Ultimately, what attracts me most about each project are those unique memories it will create for my clients; these spaces can be both elegant yet comfortable at the same time!
Jeff Andrews, internationally celebrated interior designer creates sophisticated and livable interiors for families like you. Jeff is skilled at pushing creative boundaries in ways that respect traditional aesthetics while still maintaining an innovative approach so his designs are on trend with today's trends. His ability to visualize client needs by understanding their lifestyle preferences makes him one battlefield of talent within this industry - unrivaled among designers across all disciplines!
The primary goal of Ashleigh Underwood Home & Interior Design is to create beautiful spaces for our clients. Although each room, space and little corner in a home must be as beautifully designed as any other area within the house - it also has been made with functionality that will encourage experiences from people's lives.
Kelly Wearstler is an interior design studio that has been driven to create a unique story and strong point-of view through their work. Their passion lies not only in the designing, but also telling this tale with every project they take on - from residential homes or commercial spaces like hotels; Kelly's team will find ways for you tell your own remarkable story while making it stand out among others' narratives!

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Over the span of his career, B. David Levine has offered architectural and interior design to discerning clients throughout Southern California. He won HGTV
Lori Dennis is a famous interior designer who has been featured in numerous publications, including House Beautiful and New York Times. She's also an expert on home design for television programs like Design Star Jr., Home Town Heroes with her own show airing soon!
David Phoenix is a renowned designer known for his elegant style and luxurious, comfortable interiors. His clients include celebrities like Beyonc
Mariko Sampson, Founder of The Apartment Designer is an expert at breathing life into rooms that are lackluster. Her design methodology goes beyond just selecting furniture from a stocked warehouse and instead creates custom pieces for each space so it has the full aesthetic potential while still being functional!
Designing a space that is both attractive and functional can be tough, but it's not impossible. Los Angeles-based Interior Design firm Donna Livingston Design has the experience to create spaces for any personality or style with their own artistic touch!
At Sweet Design Studio, we believe that good design can be the difference between a client being happy or unhappy. We are an interior designing company in Los Angeles specializing in residential and hospitality projects for high profile clients such as celebrities with our vast experience working on C-List celebrity homes too!
Anne Carr Design, Inc. is a company that specializes in interior design and decoration for clients across the United States. Anne discovered her passion when she became known as one of America
A love of history is what we have in common with our clients. Marrying your personality to the bones of a structure brings them together! We work within any budget, no matter if it's top quality or great value for less; because communication matters most when building dreams come true.
Since founding Wirt Design Group in 1994, we have maintained a catalogue of successful commercial interior design projects. This philosophy behind the company's award-winning practice stems from our capacity to listen and understand what is important for clients such as Whole Foods Market , Wells Fargo Bank NA., JLL Property Services Incorporated .
Anna Design is a modern interior design firm that's on the cutting edge of what clients want. Working with both large-scale projects as well as quick household makeovers, Anna designs has quickly attracted customers from all around California including Beverly Hills and Malibu .

Franklin Studios Architecture Corp.

Service Focus
19% 3D Designing
19% Structual Design
39% Site Evaluations
23% Other
Service Focus
19% 3D Designing
19% Structual Design
39% Site Evaluations
23% Other
With a focus on hospitality and commercial design, Franklin Studios Architecture Corp. offers interior as well as architectural services that can be tailored to your individual needs with their diverse skill set across multiple markets including Las Vegas but also Los Angeles where they have several residential projects underway currently.
Vidal Design Collaborative is a design firm that specializes in the creation of beautiful and functional spaces for living, working or leisure. They have worked on projects including additions to homes as well interior design with their work ranging from landscape planning right down to hospitality offerings where they can provide you though your entire life cycle needs without leaving any area uncovered!
At A & N Design Co., it is our core belief that the interior of your home or office reflects different facets of you. We are committed to providing homeowners with comprehensive and high-quality services which will bring their vision about what they want for their properties in Reseda, CA.
SINCE 2012, JAC HAS BEEN CREATING DISTINGUISHED DESIGNS FOR RESIDENTIAL AND COMMERCIAL SPACES IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA. Co-founders Andrea Putman and Christine Thompson have been bringing their unique chemistry to life with the team of designers that they provide service too - always leading people back for more!