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List of the Top Immigration Attorney in Los Angeles

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Our goal is to help immigrants obtain legal status in the United States by offering a unique and carefully crafted plan for immigration. We provide high-quality services that build long lasting ties with clients, providing dignity and hope through hardworking people whose lives make America strong.
The Law Firm of Anish Vashistha knows the immigration system like no other. With their expert understanding and attention to detail, they can help guide you through this complex area so as not make any mistakes that could jeopardize your client's ability to remain in America!
We have been representing those needing visas to enter the United States for more than 25 years. From individuals looking only immigrate and permanently reside in America, or from entertainment/business visa holders all the way up to special investment visa seekers-we can help with your needs no matter what they are!
The Law Office of Tasoff and Tasoff is your one-stop shop for all things immigration law. From permanent residence to naturalization, we have you covered at any stage in the process! We provide representation nationwide on behalf Americans alone or multinational corporations with offices throughout California--and even beyond its borders if necessary.

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I am Angie Rupert, an E2 investor visa attorney based in Los Angeles. I have had the pleasure of helping clients from all over the world get E-based visas so they can run their businesses here and be successful despite being away from home for years at a time or even permanently!
The Law Office of Todd Becraft is a premier immigration firm that prioritizes giving our clients individualized attention and expertise on all matters related to this chaotic field. Our Los Angeles-based attorneys have years' worth of experience navigating the ever changing, complex laws in their home state as well any other region where they may be needed across USA territories such as Guam or Puerto Rico for example!
At Global Talent Immigration Law Group, we are committed to your success. Whether you're an experienced professional looking for guidance with relocation or someone just beginning their career in America; whether it's family members that need help adjusting after joining relatives here on visas--our mission is clear-we want everyone who comes through our doors feel empowered and confident moving forward towards achieving personal /professional goals!
Adam Green is a seasoned immigration attorney with over 20 years of experience. He has served in various capacities including, but not limited to: advising students at Harvard University and managing an Italian based law firm that does legal work on US visas abroad--just one more example of how he's been involved across different fields while mastering his craft as well!
Goldstein Immigration Lawyers is a top-rated, award winning immigration law firm with offices on the West and East coasts. Our team of experienced attorneys stand ready to work tirelessly for immigrants throughout Southern California helping you achieve your life's goals!
At the Law Offices of David M. Haghighi APC we can help if you or someone close to me, face deportation from their home country and need a visa for temporary travel in America-or are interested in helping an employee immigrate here legally with my company's guidance.
The ALG Lawyers team is experienced in helping people live and work in the USA. We specialize only for overseas investors, business owners, artists or athletes who want to move their lives from one country into another with a better opportunity at life by coming here as well working towards achieving US citizenship on top of it all!
In need of legal representation? The Immigration Law Office of Los Angeles can help you achieve the American Dream. We provide a level of individual attention that is rare in immigration law, and we do so much more than just handle your case; our team treats clients like family while they navigate all aspects necessary for success here at home.
At our Paniotto Law Firm, we know that immigration proceedings can be a complicated process. It's important to have an experienced attorney on your side when you are facing deportation or reopenings of cases from political asylum through appeals and adjustment in status applications!
Our attorneys have faced the same struggles as immigrants and are committed to providing them with excellent legal representation. We help those who come seeking our services, because we know how difficult this journey can be for anyone--but especially those without resources or connections in America.
JCS Immigration & Visa Law Office provides immigration services to clients in the Los Angeles area. They specialize in helping people from all over the world apply for an American visa or green card through our skilled team of attorneys who are committed and passionate about their work!
For more than 15 years, the Law Offices of Fernando Romo and Associates PLC has maintained its commitment to providing professionalism and exceptional customer service through a broad range of high quality legal services. We are dedicated in family reunification as well as serving our community by doing so with hard work, deep faith (and) perseverance!
A Los Angeles immigration lawyer at Arnaout Immigration Law Firm has been providing clients with legal guidance for more than a decade. They are committed to helping individuals, couples and families meet their goals while also making sure they maintain status in the United States--a responsibility that isn't easy but is worth it!
Deciding to live and work in the United States of America is one decision that can affect your entire life. You need a lawyer with experience, knowledge about immigration laws for every country around the world so you will have success at achieving these goals - The JQK Immigration Law Firm has got it all covered!
Root Law Group is a full service immigration law firm located in Los Angeles, Orange County and the San Fernando Valley that offers free consultations on all aspects of U.S Immigration with experienced lawyers who havelegal expertise to represent individuals as well as small businesses or large multi-national corporations through every stage from start up until retirement planning needs arise!