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After years of searching for quality herbs and ordering from a multitude of suppliers we knew there was better way to get what we needed. The mission: create an herbal pharmacy that uses only premium grade, compounded in any format for practitioners practicing Traditional Herbal Medicine!
Dr. Joy Bozzo is a licensed naturopathic doctor who offers natural, holistic and integrative medical care with an emphasis in autoimmune disease management as well as thyroid conditions like hypothyroidism or hyperthecosis; digestive disorders including Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) -- she believes this should be treated by diet first before resorting to medications!
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 Los Angeles
Organic mexican herbs such as Cuachalalate, Muicle and Moronel are used for just about everything--from sore throats to sunburns. Hierba del Sapo is also known by the name "Earth Medicine" because it's been found in ancient Mayan ruins from centuries ago!
Our team is made up of the most qualified practitioners in their respective fields, who are ready and willing to help you make your life better. With over 20 years experience between them our expert group will provide an individualized approach for whatever problem or issue that may be affecting both mind & body today.

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"Welcome to Herbalaria! We connect people with the heart of Filipino Indigenous healing traditions. Promoting an awareness and appreciation for these original practices is key in repairing our relationship towards nature as well, because it provides us all one way; by which we can better understand that each living thing has intrinsic value regardless if they're human or animal--including ourselves."
PCT Ginseng & Herbs (???) has provided the best ginseng, herbal dietary supplements and health products in Los Angeles. Based on thousands of years with practice from ancient China serving as backbone our stores operations we offer you not just 1 but 2 types: Standardized Extracts or Realistic Dried Substances - check them both out!
Herban Medicine is a company that cares about their customers. They are not satisfied until you, the customer has been taken care of 100%. By focusing on high-quality goods and putting your needs first from day one they have become an industry leader in natural wellness products with overwhelming success!
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 Los Angeles
As a Los Angeles herbalist, Remedios Holisticos USA is here to bring you the most natural and organic remedies on the market. We pride our company in being able to offer people what they need without any side effects or negative reactions from traditional medicine so be sure not hesitate if your looking for something more than just symptom treatment!
Herbs of the Forest is here to assist you with taking personal responsibility for your own health. If unsure what products are right for you, click on our Disease Recommendation Chart or give us a call! We're passionate about helping people achieve their goals through herbs & using them daily can have many benefits including maintaining good general well being as well preventing illness when used appropriately
The benefits of acupuncture are well known within the medical community. Acupuncture has been shown to help people achieve pain-free living, heal & rejuvenate their system naturally with little negative side effect in many cases where other treatments haven't worked or caused more problems later down the line - because this treatment works from within rather than just treating symptoms at surface level as most modern day drugs do nowadays!
The Chinese have been using traditional medicine to treat a variety of ailments for centuries. In this article, we'll share some simple and effective solutions that can help you lose weight, relieve pain without side effects from Western medications or supplements (which are often too harsh on our bodies) , tackle wrinkles--and more!
A clean body is the key to living life fully. Cell food cleanses your blood cells, which rid toxins from hardening into masses or inflammation throughout your entire system with natural herbs as "Cell Food". We must stay healthy and maintain a constant level of purity in order for our immune systems be at their best!
3000 YEARS HEALH CENTER is a MULTI-DISCIPLINARY center that provides complete functional physiological system therapy for the whole body. We help our patients to address individual needs and enrich their treatment experience by optimizing overall health with vast resources, which can be tailored specifically towards you!
"Jing" was chosen as the company name because it means source, foundation and primal essence or spirit of human beings. That is how we want our clients to regard us; they're just like an essential building block in your health regimen - their contribution toward you maintaining good form on top of Jing (essence), Qi (energy) & Shen(spirit).
At Herbalife, we believe that good nutrition is the key to successful weight loss and a happy lifestyle. Our experts have created scientifically-backed products for aspiring entrepreneurs who want an opportunity with great earning potential as well! Our independent distributors provide one on ones coaching from people looking just like you so there's no need worry about feeling alone - because at Herbs & Oils HQ (HLF), success feels doezy indeed!!
Jovanka Ciares is a former entertainment executive turned Integrative Herbalist, Wellness expert and author. She provides lectures in both English and Spanish on the benefits of healthy living through her online wellness community known as