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For 40 years, the people at Immunotec have been working to develop new and better ways of living. Their work is driven by real science that benefits everyone--from athletes training for competition or just getting in shape; all those looking after their health regularly with exercise & diet programs (or lack thereof); children growing up fast as they learn how much power lies within them!
LKN Strategies is a consulting firm specializing in the delivery of business management excellence. With over 20 years of experience, our team has seen success from launching and managing small to large scale healthcare companies with special focus on improving quality & compliance while reducing costs for clients through smart strategy applied effectively at all levels including client interactions across multiple channels (e-mail, phone calls).
Private Health Management has been providing holistic care management to individuals and families for over a decade. The company
Talk to Theresa FitzGerald, D.C., if your chronic pain is getting the best of you or if life just keeps throwing curveballs at ya'. She can help with postures and orthotic assessments as well as nutritional counseling for medical conditions such met cancer treatment choices (with an emphasis on palliative care). And don't forget about end-of-life decisions!

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Our mission at TI Health is to positively impact patient outcomes through precision targeting, data informed modeling and best-in-class platform ad technology. We are the first of its kind in healthcare that allows you to target an audience with a single keystroke!
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 Los Angeles
Have you ever enjoyed food? It may be difficult, when the only thing on your mind is losing weight and avoiding "bad" foods. At Abundance Health Coaching we can help take away these thoughts for good by teaching self-love as well as healthy relationships with food - so that our clients don't have to fight against themselves anymore!
One of the best ways to stay healthy is with Jacob, a Health Consultant in Los Angeles. He has been providing wellness programs for over ten years and knows how important it can be to maintain your physical well-being as you age or deal with chronic conditions like diabetes mellitus type 2 (which affects nearly everybody!).
Facey Medical Group is your one-stop shop for all things healthcare. We know that you care about the health and wellbeing of yourself or loved ones, which is why our number one priority at Facey are always safety measures to ensure a compassionate environment where everyone can feel comfortable getting what they need without judgment from anyone else in it!
Health Nutts Consultants is a Los Angeles-based health consultant firm that specializes in providing nutritional guidance to help you achieve optimal wellness. We offer each client personalized attention and the latest techniques so they can feel their best both physically, mentally & emotionally!