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List of the Top Guitar Instructor in Los Angeles

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We are an eclectic family who gives scholarships, guitars and strings to the most talented students in our community. Students from Hunley Classical Guitar Studio have been accepted into some of America's prestigous music schools including The San Francisco Conservatory-of Music (including) Pepperdine University where they studied under Christopher Parkening himself!
Reverb is the largest online marketplace dedicated to buying and selling new, used, or vintage musical instruments. It has grown into a vibrant community of buyers all over world with its focus on inspiring content and transparent pricing options for musicians alike!
We believe that music is the greatest unifying force in this world, and it fuels our mission to help people create their own stories through making connections. So let's make some noise together because: The World Needs To Hear What You Have To Play !
I have been a professional music teacher, acting coach & director for many wonderful years. I offer guitar lessons that are customized to suit the needs of each individual student so they can achieve their goals in singing or performance while learning from someone with extensive experience leading others through this craft As one might expect there is no other instructor like me!

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I'm Alex Hager, a fun and passionate guitarist with over ten years of experience. I love to help people learn how play guitar so they can master their instrument too! Let me show you some tricks that will make it easy for any skill level or age - from beginner all the way through pro-level playing skills in no time flat.
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 Los Angeles
I'm a session guitarist and guitar teacher based in Los Angeles. I've performed with artists like Katharine McPhee, Sean Kingston, Andrew McMahon & my students include Kyle Richards (RHOA), Diplo of Matt Dillon/Chad Michael Murhpy fame; Bill Engvall who you might recognize from Fresh Prince Of Bel Air or Tool Time on MTV's Amp Exhibitive series!
My mission is to get you playing without any pain or frustration. I do this by stressing the importance of having fun along with proper methods for practice, and connecting theory lessons in such a way that they all lead up towards an enjoyable experience while learning how music should sound when played correctly!
Sergei has an extensive educational experience including teaching the Guitar Performance Techniques, and Style classes for British Irish Modern Music Institute in Berlin. He also applies Berklee College of music's curriculum which proves its effectiveness regardless of student age or level!
Music is an art form that has the power to touch and change lives. Alan's passion for music led him all over the world, which put him in a position where he could help others develop their craft as well as experience life through this beautiful medium we call sound waves with just one click on iTunes or Spotify!
Music lessons for children and adults provide the opportunity to learn an instrument in a fun, creative environment. From your teacher jumping on drums or bass as you develop independence and timing that will help with recording projects prepared by themself - it's no wonder so many people have great memories from these types of classes!
Aviv Hadari was born in Brooklyn, NY and raised by a family who moved him to Ra'anana when he was just 10. At the age at which kids are usually playing with each other instead of instruments - Aviv already had an interest for music!
Guitar lessons for all ages by Pete Risi in Los Angeles, CA. Want to learn how to play the guitar? The best way is with an experienced teacher who can help you develop your skills quickly. Whether it's just a beginning student looking forward getting started on their first instrument or someone trying again after 10+ years away - Pete offers Skype sessions so everyone has access regardless! guaranteed results...
Let our qualified instructors help you take your child or adult student to the next level. We offer music lessons for everyone, from beginners who want to learn how play their first song all of way through experts looking at enhancing skills in an instrument like solos and ensemble work (or teaching other students). All levels are welcome here!
We are a local company, and pride ourselves on having only the best instructors. Our teachers hold music degrees from top conservatories and universities all across North America so you know your lesson will be with an expert musician who can help take care of whatever instrument interests or accomplishment levels that suit YOU!