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List of the Top Gastroenterologist in Los Angeles

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Gastroenterology Associates of Beverly Hills is a premier provider in the community for holistic care and outstanding expertise. The experts at Gastro have an extensive list treatments available, including abdominal pain relief, acid reflux management and more! They also offer screenings that can detect colon cancer so you don't need worry about it any longer.
Dr. Massachi's practice offers a wide range of services for patients, including annual physicals and vaccinations from his expert staff who are trained in modern medicine techniques like digital x-rays or an EKG stress test that allow them to provide preventive care at its finest so you can stay healthy without worrying about your visit!
Gastroenterology Associates of Southern California is committed to the highest standards in treating digestive problems. From a team with over 25 years combined experience, you can expect knowledgeable and caring specialists who will listen closely so they may effectively diagnose your needs before providing treatment options that best fit them!
We're here to help you! Our group of three physicians strives for excellence in medical solutions. We have been serving the Los Angeles area since 2002 and our 15+ year longevity speaks volumes about how much we care about your health needs as well as those who need it most: YOU!.

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Jeffrey H. Sherman, MD has lived in Los Angeles his entire life and after graduating from UCLA with a Bachelor of Arts degree ( Anthropology) Dr Jeffrey Sherman went on to attend the University Of Southern California School Of Medicine where he performedinternship at LACounty/USC Medical Center .
Radi Shamsi, MD is a top-rated gastroenterologist in Southern California. With the goal of helping all his patients have perfectly healthy digestive tracts from IBS to ulcerative colitis and everything else that goes along with it - Dr.Shamsis treats those painful gastrointestinal disorders as well! He also graduated cum laude from UCLA after undergraduate studies there too.
Based on our Los Angeles gastroenterologist's thorough understanding of your needs, we have designed a personalized experience with the most accommodating features possible. Whether it be for advanced capsule endoscopy or upper GI procedures, you can count on us to provide all that is necessary in care delivery excellence!
We are the home of affordable excellence in colonoscopy. We offer accurate and reliable endoscopic examinations including colonoscopy under the exacting standard of our fully accredited surgery center, having performed well over 150 thousand procedures since 1996! Each examination is done by a board-certified GI specialist ensuring quality results for you !!! We strive to serve those residing within greater Los Angeles metropolitan area who need us most."
Dr. Daniel Brelian is a gastroenterologist at Downtown Gastro Medical Group in Los Angeles, CA. He has over five years of experience treating patients with digestive ailments and conditions such as Crohn's Disease or Celiac Disease-related issues around the country
"Integrative holistic medicine is the art and science that brings body functions to optimal performance." Dr. Farshid Sam Rahbar, a leading integrative gastroenterologist in Los Angeles California incorporates anti-aging & functional medicine for an approach where he treats patients as individuals rather than just their symptoms - all under one roof!

Elite Medical

Service Focus
57% Adrenal Disorders
1% Growth Disorders
20% Lipid Disorders
22% Pituitary Disorders
Service Focus
57% Adrenal Disorders
1% Growth Disorders
20% Lipid Disorders
22% Pituitary Disorders
With our affordable prices, excellent services and high quality care we are confident that you will feel comfortable throughout the process. We offer urgent medical attention for those who need it most as well as workers compensation information on how to file a claim with no out-of pocket expense when filing your paperwork correctly!
Dr. Berookim's work helps patients live longer, healthier lives by providing them with personalized care and an intimate environment. He takes pride in treating all individuals equally despite their financial situation or social status because he knows that we're all humans under this skin!