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LAST UPDATED 24 Apr, 2024
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List of the Top Gardener in Los Angeles

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Balthazar Bedolla has been working as a landscape architect for 20 years, and he still loves every minute of it. His attention to detail means that his clients are always satisfied with their finished product - no matter what size or request!
Carrillos Gardening Services is a lawn sprinkler system contractor in Culver City that will install the most advanced and stylish irrigation systems to make your garden more beautiful. As we all know, our gardens are an important part of living spaces for many people.
The beauty of our landscape can be seen from the street. We provide complete services to make sure your property values stay up and you get what's best for both yourself, as well as other potential buyers in a difficult market!
Garden Works Landscaping Inc. was founded on the foundation that everyone deserves a beautiful space to call home, no matter their budget or style! Our team of landscapers are ready for you every step of the way as we work hard with each client by capturing all your individual tastes in one beautifully designed landscape come true.

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J.D Gardening & Tree Service is the company you should call if your home or business needs outdoor remodeling! Our skilled and professional crew are trained to get projects done safely, efficiently with care that we would expect from best industry professionals- all while being fully insured."
For those who have no time to spend on gardening, Alberto's Maintenance of Gardens offers professional services that will take care and make sure your grounds are weed free. They're equipped with the know how for all types or plants so you can get back into enjoying life without worrying about maintaining a beautiful property!
We are a family business that characterizes us because our call of duty is to provide quality, honesty and responsibility for all jobs we undertake. We take pride in ensuring every client has been satisfied by the services they receive from us as their representative throughout Los Angeles area .
It's time to let a professional take care of your lawn. Have you been spending too much time on it when weekends are meant for fun? Let me manage the work, so all we need is one weekend free! I am an expert in trimming bushes and trees as well; just call Alberto
Santos Garcia's landscaping company is the best in town! I was so impressed with his work on my yard, and now it looks amazing. Not only did he keep me updated every step of way throughout different stages; but also gave some great advice about how to take care for my garden over time too-he knows everything there is (which isn't very much) when you're talking plants like me :)
Alma Gardening is a landscaping company founded in 1982. Santiago and Gus have been working together for over 30 years, with 25 of those being as managers or owners themselves! They are experts at irrigation systems that can create any type landscape you like - from flowers to grasslands (or even deserts).
We have all necessary licenses for our area, and we carry insurance. If you need help with any of these projects or just want to chat about landscaping in general then give us a call because at KO Home Landscape Template employees are always happy to oblige!