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We have a low price guarantee! We don’t charge you for the space we use, and if our estimate is less than what you expected it to be at pick up time or on site completion date then just let us know. No worries-we’ll refund 100% of your original payment – even before work begins.

The company mission is to reduce, reuse and recycle as much of the environment’s resources for our own personal gain. We go above what most junk removal companies do by providing customers with uniforms made from recycled polyester material; business cards printed on soy ink on paper that would otherwise have been thrown away or used up in other ways such as printing newspapers and magazines–even furniture!

Clean Work Junk Removal is a company that recycles and donates as much of your junk, to help support the environment. Being responsible for our community while doing so minimizes landfill waste by maximizing what we give back in return-to make sure everyone can get involved with making right decisions now!

We know that the life of a Los Angeles resident can be tough. We are here for you when it comes to your trash and garbage needs! What better way is there than hiring professionals? Our team will come take away all those pesky bags, boxes or bins so quickly they may not even notice what happened until next week.

Founded in 1984, Cordova Construction Services began when Oscar Cordova immigrated from El Salvador for a better life. He bought his first pickup truck to do small clean ups and it grew from there into an expanding service with many different types of work ranging across heavy excavation, concrete foundations and roll off container rentals before going public as an incorporated company under the name “Cordova.”

We make it our business to be the team you call when your trash needs removal. Whether it’s one time or regular service, we’ll provide affordable rates and professional technicians who are trained in every aspect of what they do!

The junk removal specialist will show up at your doorstep 15-30 minutes before the scheduled 2 hour window. When they arrive, just point them towards any unwanted items and we’ll provide an upfront estimate for their services that includes both pickup & disposal of all materials in sight!

All Junk Removal Los Angeles is a team of experts who will help you clear out the clutter in your life. If it’s old furniture, construction debris or heaps from someone else

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Hauling LA specializes in Los Angeles area junk removal. We are dedicated to providing quality service with fair and reasonable prices for all of your hauling needs! Our Services include: full home/business cleanouts, single item pick up’s (we haul away refrigerators, mattresses or old couches), debris disposal at construction sites etc

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We’re the dumpster rental service you can trust. We have a friendly staff that is ready to help with your every need, and we take pride in making sure all our customers get their fill of trash or recyclables so they return home happy!

For any household or office item you need removed, we are here to help. We come with our trucks full of equipment and sweep away all that needs removing before washing down the area(s). You can be guaranteed cleanliness in every corner when working with us because customer satisfaction is always on your mind!

After 20 plus years in the waste management industry, California Waste Services LLC (CWS) realized that to remain relevant future would require them integrate recycling of Construction and Demolition materials. With this change came an increased need for customer service which is why they originally began business as just roll off dumpster haulers without any other services available at first.

We are so glad that you have reached out to Junk Removal Pros Los Angeles for your needs. Our trained professionals with a customer-friendly approach will take away all the debris, junk and garbage in no time! Do not hesitate to give us a call if there is anything else we can do on behalf of making life easier for yourself (or anyone else). Thank You

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