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List of the Top Finance Broker in Los Angeles

CRESTICO is a full-service Real Estate Brokerage and Mortgage Lending firm in Los Angeles. Their services include First Time Home Buyer Purchase Programs, Short Sale, Foreclosure Prevention, Relocation Services as well as providing financing for purchasing new homes or refinancing existing mortgages to reduce interest rates and/or lower monthly payments by offering no fee transactions.

Los Angeles Mortgage Broker with over 8 years of mortgage banking and 12+years in the real estate industry has experience working for a variety of clients. Providing mortgages to first time home buyers, veterans, foreign nationals as well as options such as conventional loans or even alternatives like hard money if you’re looking for an easier loan approval process.

For most Americans, their home is the biggest investment they will ever make. After closing thousands of loans throughout my 16 year career as a mortgage broker and licensed realtor, I have an objective to close on time with unparalleled communication for all clients that want quality service from someone who cares about them.

Our specialists always find the right product to fit your needs. We look at the bigger picture, and we see a suitable solution for every buyer, no matter how much money he has. As home loan experts in California, we have a wide network of lenders who will be able to find you an ideal loan product that suits all our customers’ budgets!

Whether you’re a first-time buyer, seller or investor, our mission at Masihi Financial Group is to find the best mortgage for your needs. We guarantee top tier rates and personal service that will match you with the right lender. With experts who are always on hand to help, we’ll work tirelessly so that finding financing never sidelines any of life’s other priorities!

Understanding the mortgage process can be as complex and difficult to understand as legal documents, which is why it’s important that you work with a trustworthy lender. The best mortgage broker in Los Angeles will help you find the perfect loan for your situation in any market so that both parties are on equal ground.

Scott Griffin is the go-to resource for all your mortgage needs. They can provide you with a customized quote, fast service and great rates so that it’s more than just about home ownership because they know how important this decision is to their customers! You’re not looking at houses in a vacuum – Scott Griffin knows that decisions regarding mortgages are crucial ones.

The CBLoans team is an excellent resource for residential and commercial mortgages, refinancing, investment loans. We also offer home equity lines of credit to provide you with the necessary cash flow so that your mortgage can be paid off quicker than originally planned! Visit our website today at http://cbloans.com

Financial Compound is a commercial mortgage broker that offers innovative services for all your financial needs. Financial Compound provides loans of various types, including those designed to help renovate properties in need and land financing. They have the expertise required to provide you with excellent service whether it’s an economic or creative solution for funding!