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LAST UPDATED 16 Jun, 2024
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List of the Top Day Care Center in Los Angeles

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Our daycare is a place where children can explore and learn through developmentally appropriate activities. Teachers are committed to building skills such as language, social, physical, cognitive with an emphasis on child-led play in centers like music art or sensory tables among others. We also believe that emotions should be expressed openly which allows the children to understand them better while adults remain supportive but not shaming of mistakes
The earlier your child starts learning, the more likely they will be successful. Learning is fun and our World at Their Fingertips curriculum helps spark creativity in every learner with an arts program that excites children's creative side while nurturing their desire for exploration; a language acquisition system designed to help little ones become confident listeners who speak confidently by third grade- which also happens to make them better readers!
To help all parents find the best child care for their children. We do this through services that are affordable, professional and maintain high standards of education programming in order to meet every need possible while providing an enriching environment where kids can learn!
Our love for children has developed into a service dedicated to their growth and assimilation. For over 35 years, we have been providing childcare throughout Southern California with 100% of our staff being experts on child development fields. Our diverse environment fosters important elements necessary in achieving success at school by encouraging each individual's contribution which results in top-quality preschool education every day!

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We believe in discipline with love & care! Our faculty understands how important it is to teach our children using traditional methods while also introducing them slowly technology so they can grow into responsible adults who are able not only think critically about their world but create new innovations for society too.
The CDTC is a statewide program that serves all of California and it's funded by the state as well as federal Child Care funds. It has been administered since 1987 at Yosemite Community College District and they provide training for childcare workers in our region.
PIH Health is committed to improving the health and well-being of our patients, as we are devoted to providing a range of services for everyone in need. PIH Healthcare believes that no one should have their potential hindered by lack or availability of healthcare coverage. We offer affordable prices while maintaining quality care with high levels safety standards at all times.
BHRC school is a safe haven for little ones thanks to our administration, faculty, teachers and teacher aides. Our staff are qualified professionals who have met rigorous security standards that ensure the safety of your child while at BHRC. All members of our team posses certifications in infant CPR training as well as general pre-school instruction so they can provide an enriching early education experience for all ages!