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List of the Top Chartered Surveyor in Los Angeles

Recently, Chris Nelson and Associates, Inc. has been at the forefront of technological innovation in order to better serve their customers’ needs as well as our community’s public sector interests with new surveying techniques such as G.P.S., aerial photogrammetry mapping or robotic methods for construction control purposes on projects like boundary determination and ALTA land title matters (just some examples).

We are a family owned and operated, full service firm providing quality land surveying services to central & southern California. With our knowledgeable staff, state of the art equipment and professional licenses in multiple states we can provide you with top-of-the line services from beginning through completion! Whether it’s new construction or an assessment on your property for insurance purposes, C.P Land Surveying has got you covered – contact us today!

Land Surveying is one of the oldest professions in America with four presidents considered Surveyors. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt (debated). Land surveying has evolved from early days of wearing a suit to using better equipment such as total stations that help surveyers be more accurate than ever before.

Hennon Surveying and Mapping is a family-owned surveying firm that provides land surveying services to municipalities, state and local government agencies, developers, contractors. The company

We are a dynamic Civil Engineering and Land Surveying firm with over 35 years of experience. We have successfully completed thousands of surveys in the past, ensuring that we understand our client’s needs completely to provide them with high-quality service at competitive prices.

The origins of our company start in 1958, when Samuel Becker opened up a small surveying operation in the basement of his house. First incorporated as Samuel Becker Licensed Land Surveyor, Inc. in 1970, the company has grown a lot since then – we operate under two partners with combined 70 years experience; Yoshiaki Miyamoto and Mark Yamashita!

Surveying & Drafting Services, Inc. acquires the skills and expertise to provide high-quality land surveying services with a diverse team of professionals that are experienced in all aspects of Land Surveying – survey analysis, boundary establishment, maps preparation and drafting mapping projects can be complex or simple depending on your needs.

Builoff Surveying & Mapping, Inc. is a surveying and mapping business that offers the best of both worlds to their clients from Southern California. Their commitment to quality at an affordable price includes utilizing state-of-the art equipment and technology that has been put into place by our team’s profound knowledge in land management techniques, survey methods, as well as local customs which all makes for happy customers!

Symmetry Land Surveying has been providing fast professional service to Southern, Northern and Central California for 20 years. We’re well versed in performing our surveys anywhere – from rural areas to deep within the developed metropolises of urban sprawl. Our equipment may have changed over time but we never waver on quality; no matter where you need us, Symmetry is there!

Chris Nelson and Associates, Inc. is one of the top surveying companies in southern California with many years of experience under its belt. From boundary determination to aerial photogrammetry mapping, our professional staff welcomes an opportunity to be a service provider for both public and private sectors alike!

VOORHEIS & VOORHEIS, INC. has been surveying the Los Angeles area and surrounding communities for over 40 years and have some of their best work to show from it! They are still a family owned-and-operated company committed to maintaining personal relationships with each client while taking ownership in every project they undertake.